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Frech - Home Life 2

Pages 3-4 of Home Life

laver to wash
le lave-linge washing machine
le lave-vaisselle dishwasher
la lessive washing powder
libre free
lire to read
le lit bed
le livre book
le locataire tenant
la location for hire
loin far
louer to hire
le loyer rent
la lumiere light
la maison house
manger to eat
le matin morning
mettre to put
les meubles furniture
le micro-ondes micro-wave
la moquette fitted carpet
le mur wall
neuf new
nettoyer to clean
nouveau new
l'oreiller pillow
l'ouvre biote tin opener
passer to spend
le palier landing
le passe temps past time
la placard cupboard
la plafond ceiling
plaire to please
le plancher floor
le plateau tray
la poele stove
la porte door
la potable drinkable
premier first
preparer to prepare
prendre to take
pres de near to
la prise de courant power plug
propre clean
puis-je may i
quitter to leave
ranger to tidy up
regarder to look at
remplir to fill
rentrer to go back
le repas meal
repasser to iron
le rez de chaussee ground floor
les rideaux curtains
le robient tap
sale dirty
salle room
salle a manager dining room
salle de bains bathroom
salle d'eau wash room
salle de sejour living room
salon lounge
le savon soap
se brosser to brush
se coiffer to do ones hair
se coucher to go to bed
se deshabiller to undress
se laver to wash
se lever to get up
se promener to go for a walk
se reveiller to wake up
s'habiller to get dressed
le soir eveing
sortir to go out
la soucoupe saucer
sous-sol basement
tapis carpet
tasse cup
tire-bouchon corkscrew
tiroir drawer
toit roof
utiliser to use
vaisselle dishes
verre glass
vestibule hall
vider to empty
vieux old
volet shutter
vue view
Created by: mishamoo