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Midcourt Review

Social Directors Maritza Vela and Serena Ji
Alumni Director Rohan Reddi
PR/Recruitment Kaeya Shah and Sasha Bechtler-Levin
Service Directors Alejandra Perdomo and Abdul Alyaseen
Fundraising Directors Alina Sargsyan and Aishwarya Bajaj
Marketing Directors Carolina Moreno and Chris Zavala
ICC Courtney Trefzger
Web Master/Historian Jake Fujimoto
Professional Directors Claire Tsukuda and Thomas O'Brien
Pledge Masters Blaire Wigney and Jarret Hansen
Warden Jarret Hansen
President Ryan Nielsen
VP Admin Alex Pupping
VP Operations Chloe Bates
VP Finance Christina Quisno
VP Membership Matt Rodriguez
VP Professional Alec Morand
VP Marketing Brian Mutia
MOR Craig Westhusing
Angel Attar Pasadena, Entrepreneurship, Sophomore, breaks bone every time doing a new sport.
Shelby Butler-Santiel LA,Management, Sophomore, got into 9/10 schools.
Sarah Calnan Arcadia, Marketing, Sophomore, parasailed over Thanksgiving break.
Emanuel Di Stasio Naples, Italy, Mechanical Engineering, Junior, waterpolo team.
Tony Nguyen Saigon, Vietnam, Electrical Engineering/Comp Sci emphasis, Freshaman, triple threat
Celestine Yeh San Marino, Applied Mathematics, Freshman, played at Carnegie Hall.
Seann Lau Honolulu, HI, Electrical Engineering, Sophomore, can do a backflip.
Patrick Razon San Francisco, Marketing, Freshman, second person in family to attend college.
Mika Ohata Honolulu, HI, Marketing, Freshman, born in Kyoto, Japan.
Ashley Jan Huntington Beach, Marketing, Freshman, held a panda in china.
Jomi Chen LA, Entrepreneurship, Freshman, Lived in Taipei, Taiwan for a year.
Ashley Quan Manhattan Beach, Political Science, Freshman, practices bikram yoga.
Nicole Fong Honolulu, HI, Entrepreneurship, Freshman, only applied to LMU.
Perry Leong Alameda, Ca, Animation/Comp Sci minor, Sophomore, played baseball.
John Lovelace La Canada, Finance, Sophomore, Submitted common app 2 minutes before the deadline.
Camille Cabrera Sherman Oaks, Communications/Econ,Freshman, eats her weight in pizza.
Daniella Serrano Colombia, South America, Entrepreneurship/ International Business emphasis, Junior, loves to travel.
Α Alpha
Β Beta
Γ Gamma
Δ Delta
Ε Epsilon
Ζ Zeta
Η Eta
Θ Theta
Ι Iota
Κ Kappa
Λ Lambda
Μ Mu (Mew)
Ν Nu
Ξ Xi (Zye)
Ο Omicron
Π Pi
Ρ Rho
Σ Sigma
Τ Tau (Taw)
Υ Upsilon (Oopsilon)
Φ Phi
Χ Chi
Ψ Psi
Ω Omega
Organization Date October 5, 1904
Incorporation Date May 20, 1905
Original Incorporation State New York
University where AKPsi was founded NYU
Fraternity is now incorporated in Indiana
Year National Chapter approved change 1997
Women granted full membership August 1976
Brooklyn 4 Frederic R. Leach George L. Bergen Howard M. Jefferson Nathan Lane Jr.
Founding fathers (not including Brooklyn 4) Robert S. Douglas Daniel V. Duff Irving L. Camp Morris S. Rachmil William O. Tremaine Herbert M. Wright
Coat of Arms coin bag, Phoenician galley, chain of four links and pair of balances.
Colors of fraternity Navy and gold.
Jewel Blue Sapphire.
Flower Yellow rose
Greek name of LMU Chapter Psi Epsilon
Year Chapter was founded in LMU 2012
First Verse of AKPsi Anthem Should old acquaintance be forgot, and Alpha Kappa Psi? Shall we pass slowly out of view, without regret or sigh?
Chorus of AKPsi Anthem For Alpha Kappa Psi, my friend, for Alpha Kappa Psi, We'll bless the days that we have spent in Alpha Kappa Psi
Third Verse of AKPsi Anthem We'll work with might and main to win, Our meed of daily praise, But neer shall we in after years, Forget fraternal days.
LMU Fight song Fight on Loyola, Fight to win Roar on you Lions, Roar again Keep up the spirit born of old, Our loyalty will ne'er grow old Fight on Loyola, We're all here Backing you with a cheer, We're beside you, Here to guide you So, Fight! Fight! Fight!
Vision of AKPsi Recognized as the premier developer of principled business leaders.
Core values of AKPsi Brotherhood Unity Integrity Knowledge Service
4 types of members of AKPsi Student Member Alumni Member Facutly Member Honorary Member
When was LMU founded 1911
LMU's mission The encouragement of learning, the education of the whole person, the service of faith, and the promotion of justice.
Founding E-Board PRESIDENT Ramtin Sarbaz
Founding E-Board VP ADMIN Pratik Bhat
Founding E-Board VP OPERATIONS Nick Mecham
Founding E-Board VP PROFESSIONAL Matt Froelich
Founding E-Board VP MEMBERSHIP Jonathan Rojas
Founding E-Board MOR Chris Hovanessian
Founding E-Board TREASURER Ray Allen
Founding E-Board SECRETARY Nickole Lardas
The Creed of Alpha Kappa Psi without the last line Alpha Kappa Psi recognizes that We live in deeds, not years; In thought, not breath; In service, not in figures on the dial. We count time by heart-throbs, When they beat for God, for man, for duty.
the creed of alpha kappa psi last line he lives most who thinks most, is noblest, acts the best.
Governing documents of the fraternity The Constitution and Statutory Code, the Board of Directors Statement of Policy, and Chapter Bylaws
Min. # of meetings required per month during academic year 2
Other AKPsi Programs College of Leadership, Principled Business Leadership Institute, The Academy
When and where is the next convention? 2015- Norfolk, Virgina
How often are conventions held? every 2 years
LMU Chapter Advisor Don Chen
LMU Regional Director Michael Shmidt
Region LMU Belongs to Southwest
how many regions are there in the fraternity 13
The Heritage Center Info 7318 East 88th Street Indianapolis, IN 46256 (317)872-1553
Group in charge of the daily operations of the fraternity The Fraternity Board of Directors
Fraternity Board of Directors without the Director position Chairman: Dan L. Stubblefield Vice Chairman: Richard V. Battle Secretary: Chrissy M. Vasquez Treasurer: Kenneth B. Hastey
Fraternity Board of Directors Director Position Director: Dr. William Callarman Director: Nancy A. Ghizzone Director: John M. Levering Director: Chad E. Smith Director: Scott R. Stampflmeier
AKPsi Executive Vp Kerrie M Dickson
President of AKPsi Alexander T. Sultan
CEO of AKPsi Steve Hartman
Chairman of the Board of Directors Dan. L. Stubblefield
What is the name of the group responsible for setting the fraternity’s policies and strategic vision? The Fraternity Board of Directors
How much is the fraternal portion of student member dues each academic term? $47.50
What dates are fraternal student member dues payable to the Heritage Center? FEB 15 OCT 15
AKPsi Tag-Line "shaping people, shaping business"
Fraternal Initial Fee $90 Pays for Membership Card & Certificate, 1 year subscription to the Diary of Alpha Kappa Psi, chapter payments
Fraternal Pledge Induction Fee $60 Pays for PEP Manual, Fraternal Exam, pin, chapter dues



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