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Career Ch.15 Review

career review

Finding, selecting, and training employees Human resource management
Outline of a specific job job description
pay and benefits compensation
retirement fund or 401k pension plan
person seeking a job candidate
job appraisal performance appraisal
helping new employees adjust to the company orientation
move to a higher level job promotion
looking for higher qualified candidates recruitment
conferences and internet classes for everyone group training
not one of the steps for selecting the right candidate compensation
prevents boredom on the job job rotation
evaluation of how an employee is doing performance appraisal
Human resources are the people who work for the company T
In small business, people should specialize in 1 job F
If you have experience, your new company should not expect them to train you. F
Everyone should retire at 65, so there are enough jobs for younger people. F
When evaluating a job opportunity, pay attention to benefits. T
the process of finding, selecting, training, and evaluating employees human resources management
a detailed description of the duties, qualifications, and conditions required to do a specific job job description
the pay and benefits a company offers for a job compensation
actively looking for the most qualified people to fill a job position recruitment
the process of helping new employees adjust to a company orientation
learning a new job by actually doing it on-the-job training
learning a new job from an instructor or manager with a group of other employees, like a class group training
an evaluation of how well an employee is doing his or her job performance appraisal
a move to a higher level job with more authority, responsibility, and pay promotion
a move to another job within a company at the same level and pay transfer
leaving a company because of retirement, resignation, layoff, or termination separation
reducing the number of employees because of the loss of money downsize
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