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Confirmation Baptism


Baptism Washing of water by the Word of God which forgives sins, drowns the Old Adam, creates faith, gives the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and names us as children of God.
the word of promise in Baptism The word of God joined to the water in Baptism by which we are named "sons of God" and made joint heirs with Christ of eternal life using the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
the command to baptize The "holy orders" which Jesus gave to the ministers of His Church to "make disciples of all nations" by baptizing them in the name of the Triune God and teaching them to cling to all that Jesus taught.
original sin The sinful condition or nature that is part of every human being since Adam. It is passed on from a father to his children at the time of conception.
the righteousness of God That God the Father offered up His Son in payment for man's sin. Christ's obedient sacrifice and payment for sin in His death upon the cross whereby He fulfilled the whole will and Law of God in our place.
justification The legal declaration by God that the sinner is "not guilty" but righteous for Jesus' sake.
condemnation The legal declaration by God that the sinner is "guilty" and sentenced to hell by his rebellious unbelief.
exorcism Casting out Satan and his demons by the Word of Christ. In Holy Baptism unclean spirits are driven from sinners and the Holy Spirit is given.
regeneration To be brought back to "spiritual life" by the Holy Spirit, to faith in Christ, through the waters of Holy Baptism.
new birth To be "born of water and the Spirit," common New Testament synonyms for Baptism as the work of God through which He gives new life in Christ.
means of grace The "vehicles" or "channels" through which the Holy Spirit gives Christ to us with all His gifts of grace.
sacraments The mysteries of God, or means of grace, instituted by Christ and used by the Spirit to deliver in concrete certainty God's forgiveness and salvation--Baptism, absolution, Holy Supper.
catechesis God's way of teaching to convert sinners to the new life of faith in Christ for the forgiveness of sins.
sponsors Baptized Christians who confess the faith into which a catechumen is being baptized, in order that they might support the catechumen with their prayers and counsel from the Word of God.
confirmation A rite of the Church which declares that a catechumen is a Christian, has been baptized, confesses the faith, and is in communion with Christ and His Church.
Old Adam The rebel "unbeliever" in the Christian who is an enemy of God, a child of the devil, totally sinful and corrupt, completely self-centered, and a hater of God and all that is good.
New Man The faithful believer in the Christian who is the creation of the Holy Spirit and a lover of God and all that is good.
contrition To be crushed or killed by God's law so that you make no more excuses to God, but confess the truth that you are a sinner who has sinned against Him.
baptismal life Living in the promises that God made to you in your baptism, by daily contrition and repentance, hearing the Word, confessing your sins, clinging to Christ for forgiveness in His Gospel and Sacraments, and living in selfless love toward the neighbor.
brotherly conversion When baptized Christians tell and sing of Christ's forgiveness to one another and the world, proclaiming the praises of Him who called them out of darkness into His marvelous light.
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