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Fang's Internal med.

Fang's Internal Medicine Final Prep.

Name 2 excess patterns for Hypochondriac pain. LR Qi Yu, Damp-Heat in LR/GB
Formula for Hypochondriac pain caused by LR Qi Yu. Chai Hu Shu Gan Tang. (Derived from Si Ni San)
S + S of Hypochondriac pain caused by LR Qi Yu. Moving pain/no fixed position, worse with emotions. Chest discomfort/congestion, no appetite, belching, vomiting. -YellowTongue, Pulse wiry.
S + S of Hypochondriac pain caused by Damp-Heat in LR/GB. Patient feels dull pain and has damp-heat signs. Bitter taste, congested stuffy chest, nausea, jaundice, yellow greasy tongue coat. Rapid slippery pulse
Formula for Hypochondriac pain caused by Damp-Heat in LR/GB. Long Dan Xie Gan Tang. NOT FOR LONG TERM USE.(Bitter and cold damages stomach Qi)
How to modify Long Dan Xie Gan Tang for severe pain? Add Qing Pi,Yu Jin
How to modify Long Dan Xie Gan Tang for Gallstones? Add Jin Qian Cao and Hai Jin Sha
Describe Yin jaundice. Dark/dusky yellow in eyes and skin.More cold-damp, interior deficiency. More severe, chronic and difficult to treat.
Describe Yang jaundice. More acute – bright yellow, luster on skin is maintained. Cause is heat. General Qi is still abundant. Prognosis is better than Yin Huang.
Standard formula for Yang jaundice? Yin Chen Hao Tang
Yin Chen Hao- ingredients Yin Chen Hao, Zhi Zi, Da Huang
How to modify Yin Chen Hao Tang for nausea and vomiting? Add Huang Lian or Zhu Ru
Formula for jaundice if damp predominates? Yin Chen Wu Ling San
How to modify Yin Chen Wu Ling San for extreme damp? Add Ban Xia, Chen Pi
What is Xuan Yun? Dizziness, vertigo, blurry vision, headache
Symptoms of dizziness/Headache d/t LR Yang Rising. Headache, Dizziness – worse w/ anger. Red face. Lower body deficiency - Weakness in back or knees, numb limbs due to Yin not nourishing.
Formula for dizziness/Headache d/t LR Yang Rising. Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin
Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin chief herbs. Tian Ma, Gou Teng, Shi Jue Ming
Symptoms of dizziness/Headache d/t Turbid Phlegm. combo of excess and deficiency. Dizzy, heavy wrapped sensation, poor appetite, loose stool(SP Xu,) More cold phlegm than hot phlegm. Patients is usually overweight. Patient may cough out phlegm. Can be Meniere’s disease.
Formula for dizziness/Headache d/t Turbid Phlegm. Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang (derived from Er Chen Tang)
Common cause of dizziness/Headache d/t Blood Stagnation. Trauma
Formula for dizziness/Headache d/t Blood Stagnation. Tong Qiao Huo Xue Tang
Formula for chest pain/trauma. Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang
Symptoms of Wind-Stroke. Windstroke in Muscles (and collaterals) – numbness/loss of sensation in the limbs, Sudden deviation of eyes or mouth. May feel swollen tongue, difficult speech, drooling, hemiplegia of the mouth. May have fever or cold but not usually.
Symptoms of Wind-Stroke d/t KD and LR Yin Xu Dizziness,headache, tinnitus, poor sleep,dreaming. Then wind attacks- deviation of mouth/eye, stiff tongue, heavy limbs, hemiplegia, red tongue, greasy coat, wiry, thin, rapid pulse.
Formula for Wind-Stroke d/t KD and LR Yin Xu Zhen Gan Xi Feng Tang –Huai Niu Xi(C). This formula tonifies Yang and tranquilizes wind.
Symptoms of Post stroke Qi Xu causing Xue stasis Low energy, light purple tongue, weak voice and body, aversion to cold, general Qi Xu and Yang Xu signs
Formula for post stroke sequelae of Qi Xu and Xue stasis. Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang –Huang Qi(C), huge dosage.Start w/ 20 grams, graduallt build up to 60-120g Only use for deficient hemiplegia.
Additional symptoms of hemiplegia due to LR Yang Rising. Dizziness, HA, red face and/or forehead, patient feels hot, tongue is dark red/dark purple. possibly w/ dark spots.
Formula for hemiplegia due to LR Yang Rising. Zhen Gan Xi Feng Tang
Cramping or colic pain in Lower abdomen or scotum area is... Shan Disorder(Hernia) of Cold Type.
Formula for cold type hernia? Tian Tai Wu Yao San. Disperses cold, moves LR Qi. Wu Yao(C)warms LR channel.Xiao Hui Xiang warms LR channel. Qing Pi – moves LR Qi.
Formula for palpitations due to HT and GB Qi Xu An Shen Ding Zhi Wan
An Shen Ding Zhe Wan - ingredients and functions Fu Ling, Fu Shen, Yuan zhi, Ren Shen, Shi Chang Pu, Long Chi
Modifications for An Shen Ding Zhi Wan
Formula for palpitations d/t HT Blood Xu Gui Pi Tang(also tx: chronic bleeding disorders)
Ingredients of Gui Pi Tang Dang Shen(C), Huang Qi(C), Long Yan Rou, Bai Zhu, Da Zao, Fu Ling, Dang Gui, Yuan Zhi, Suan Zao Ren, Sheng Jiang, Mu Xiang, Zhi Gan Cao,
Basic symptoms of HT Yang Xu Palpitations and deficient cold signs.
Formulas for HT Yang Xu Gui Zhi Gan Cao Tang, Long Gu Mu Li Tang. For severe case use Shen Fu Tang.
3 Patterns of Chest Bi 1.HT Blood Stasis 2.Chest Yang Blockage(cold stagnation.)3. Phlegm-Heat
First symptoms of Chest Bi d/t HT Blood Stasis Fixed stabbing pain in chest. First symptoms – distended veins under tongue.
Formula for Chest Bi d/t HT Blood Stasis Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang - Tao Ren(C),Hong Hua(C).JieGeng and Niu Xi work to ascend/descend together.
Formula for SEVERE chest Bi d/t HT Blood Stasis Shi Xiao San – (Wu Ling Zhi and Pu Huang.)
Symptoms of Chest Bi d/t Chest Yang Blockage(cold stagnation.) Oppressive pressure/pain, aggravated by cold weather, palp, SOB, dyspnea, can't lie flat, pale, spontaneous sweat, cold extremities, white tongue coat, deep thin pulse.
Formulas for Chest Bi d/t Chest Yang Blockage(cold stagnation.) Gua Luo Xie Bai Bai Jiu Tang (mild blockage). Zhi Shi Xie Ba Gui Zhi Tang(stronger). Wu Tou Chi Shi Zhi Wan (severe blockage).
Formula for For Yang collapse. Shen Fu Long Mu Tang(S+S inc.profuse cold sweat, pale face. Binds Qi and body fluid.)
Symptoms of Chest Bi d/t Phlegm-Heat Burning pain, sticky yellow phlegm, thrist, heavy breathing. TX: disperse excessive heat and phlegm
Formula for Chest Bi d/t Phlegm-Heat Xiao Xian Xiong Tang(Huang Lian, Ban Xia, Gua Lou. (Ban Xia’s heat mitigated by Huang Lian and Gua Lou)
Formula for HT Yang Xu w/ cold water retention Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang
Dan Shen Yin - indication Mild chest bi d/t blood stag. Also good for chronic ST pain.
What are 2 herbs that can be added to other formulas to relieve blockage in the chest? Gua lou & Xie bai
Formula for insomnia d/t HT and SP Qi Xu Gui Pi Tang
Formula for insomnia d/t Heat-Phlegm Disturbance Wen Dan Tang or Huang Lian Wen Dan Tang
Formula for depression d/t LR Qi Yu Chai Hu Shu Gan Tang
Ingredients for Chai Hu Shu Gan Tang Chai Hu(C),Xiang Fu, Chuan Xiong, Chen Pi, Zhi Ke, Bai Shao, Zhi Gan Cao
Formula for depression d/t LR Qi Yu with more heat. Dan Zhi Xiao Yao San - adds Mu Dan Pi(Moves Qi and Cools/moves blood) and Zhi Zi. This formula is also called Jia Wei Xiao Yao San.
Formula for depression d/t LR Qi Yu w/ Phlegm Accumulation(Chest Congestion.) Ban Xia Hou Po Tang Contains:Zi Su – leaf – disperses exterior Zi Su – stem – moves Qi more.
Formula for Depression due to deficiency Gan Mai Da Zao Tang-(not for people allergic to wheat.)
Formula for Dian type shen disturbance Chai Hu Shu Gan Tang + Di Tan Tang (comes from Er Chen Tang)
Formula for Yang Type Epilepsy Qing Re Zhen Jing Tang(disperses heat/tranquilizes wind) + Ding Xian Wan Qing Re Zhen Jing tang(disperses heat/tranquilizes wind) + Ding Xian Wan
Formula for Yang Edema Yue Bi Jia Zhu Tang - (for wind edema combined with ext. syndrome)(derived from Ma Huang Tang. Ma Huang is chief to disperse wind, Lu Qi and cause diaphoresis. )
Formula for Yin Edema Shi Pi Yin treats SP Yang Xu edema. May be all body – pitting edema, decreased appetite,loose stool. This formula tonifies SP.
KD Xu Edema Zhen Wu Tang -Fu Zi(C), Bai Zhu, Fu Ling, Sheng Jiang, Bai Shao
Shang Xiao Ke(Upper) - Formula and Explanation Xiao Ke Fang. For Shang Xiao Ke. Deficient LU can’t reg movement of water causing profuse urination and thirst.
Zhong Xiao Ke (Middle)– Formula and Explanation Yu Nu Jian . Heat disturbs SP/ST causing hunger, constipation.
Xia Xiao Ke (Lower) – Formula and Explanation Liu Wei Di Huang Wan. KD Xu can’t make normal Qi, can’t reg opening/closing of bladder – causes profuse urination, cloudy urination.
2 herbs that warm & tranquilize Bi Syndrome pain Fuzi and Wu Tou
5 types of Bi syndrome Wind, Cold, Damp, Heat, Phlegm & Blood Stasis
Formula for Wind Bi Fang Feng Tang
Formula for Cold Bi Wu Tou Tang w/ wine
Formula for Damp Bi Yi Yi Ren Tang
Formula for Heat Bi Bai Hu Gui Zhi Tang
Formula for Phlegm & Blood Stasis Bi Zhi Wu Tang
Tian Ma gou Teng Yin - indication LR Yang Rising Headache/dizziness
Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin - ingredients Tian Ma(C), GouTEng(C), Shi jue ming(C), Zhi i, Huang Qin, Yi Mu Cao, Chuan Niu Xi,San Ji Sheng, Ye Jiao Teng, Fu Shen
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