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King Authur


son of Uther Pendragon King Arthur
King of Britain King Arthur
founder of the knights of the round table King Arthur
Island in the western seas where King Arthur goes at his death Avalon
Last of the knights at the round table Sir Bedivere
City of where Arthur's court is established Camelot
arthur's foster father Sir Ector
Arthur's sword Excalibur
Son of Sir Launcelot and purest of Arthur's knight Sir Galahad
succeeds in the quest of the holy grail Sir Galahad
Gawain's brother Sir Gareth
Beaumains Sir Gareth
Sir Gareth is his brother Sir Gawain
Daughter of King Lodegreaunce Gwynevere
Arthur's wife Gwynevere
Cup used at Last Supper Holy Grail
Arthur's foster brother Sir Kay
gives Arthur the sword Lady of the Lake
Greatest of the knights at the round table Sir Launcelot
magician Merlyn
Arthur's councelor Merlyn
plots to overthrow Arthur Modred
Arthur's half sister Morgan la Fay
gift from father in law for his marriage Round Table
seats 150 knights Round Table
how long have people been writing about king arthur 1400 years
where was arthur killed, and who buried him battle at Glastonbury, buried by his knights
what is camelot based upon Winchestor Castle
a sport where falcons are used to hunt game falconry
name the code of chivarly qualities bravery, fairness, and respect for women
storytellers spoke in __________ Celtic
who said Arthur would return and drive out the Saxons Celtic
who wrote Historia Britonum and when Nennius, 817
what did Nennius introduce into the story knights and Gwynevere
what did Geoffrey of Monmouth introduce Merlyn, Gwynevere and Modred, and 15 year old king
what did Wace introduce Launcelot and the Round Table
who wrote in french and himself was norman french Wace
who wrote all the famour works Malory
wrote Le Morte Darthur while in prison Malory
was a 19th century poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson
what famous thing did Alfred, Lord Tennyson write Idylls of the King
what did Alfred, Lord Tennyson introduce to the novel Camelot, Arthus has faults, and that Arthur was a great moral leader
famour T.H. White novel The Once and Future King
name four reasons why the King Arthur story is popular romance and adventure, classic struggle between good and evil, idea that a good king will return to save his people, the dream of what we would like a king to be
gets help from Launcelot in a tournament Bagdemagus
helps Launcelot escape the king's daughter
gets caputured by Tarquine while looking for Sir Launcelot Sir Ector de Marys
"the finest lady of the land" Gwynevere
falls asleep under a apple tree Sir Launcelot
goes on an adventure with Sir Launcelot Sir Lyonel
takes Sir Launcelot captive Morgan la Fay
has a brass and copper cauldren as a doorbell Sir Tarquine
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