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Chapter 4

Crime punishable offense against society
Duty conform conduct to law requirements
Breach of Duty violation of conduct to law requirements
Criminal Act Specific conduct that violates the statute
Embezzelement Criminal conduct of taking another persons property by a person whom it has been trusted
Various Criminal Liability Officers being held responsible for their employees
juvenile delinquency crimes of adults, held as defense for minors
Felony crime punishable by confinement for more than a year or a fine of more then $1,000
Perjury Lying under oath
Misdemeanor Punishable less than a year or fined less then $1,000
infractions Crimes that can only be fined
White-Collar Crimes Business related crimes
Larceny Wrongfully taking money belonging to someone else
Theft Wrongfully taking money belonging to someone else
Robbery Wrongfully taking money belonging to someone else against that person's will
Burglary Entering a building without permission with intent to commit a crime
Selling Stolen Property Selling Stolen Goods
Fence One who receives stolen property
False Pretenses Obtaining property or money by lying about past or present facts
Forgery Falsely making material or altering to defraud another
Bribery unlawfully offering compensation to influence a decision or action
Exortion obtaining money or property by use of force or intimidation
Conspiracy Agreement of two or more to commit a crime
Arson willful and illegal burning of property
Probable Cause Reasonable ground for belief
Defense legal position taken by the accused person(s)
Procedural Defense problems with the way the evidence is obtained or way an accused person is arrested
Substantive Defense disprove, defense, or excuse the alleged crime
Self defense use of force that is reasonably necessary to defend one self
Criminal Insanity Criminal is excused of a crime due to mental instability
Immunity Freedom from prosecution even after committing a crime
Contempt of Court hindering administration of justice
punishment penalty provided by law imposed by court
plea bargaining Agreeing to plea guilty to a less serious crime for a lower sentencing
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