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Vocal List #2

Vocab List #2

What does co- mean? With, together, as - Kendall's coworker has an office right next to her and is in the same department. Copilot, coworker, coefficient, coach
What does de- mean? off, away from, down -Maddie's plane departed at 7am so she could leave for college. depart, demerit, decaf, decals
What does e- mean? Out -Maddie erased the math problem because it was wrong. Erase, eject, elaborate, eave
What does auto mean? Self -Kalani owns an automatic can opener that opens cans without her having to do any work! Automatic, autobiography, autobus, autograph
What does deca mean? Ten -Nia is one decade old, so in 10 more years she will be 20 years old. Decade, decaf, decadent, decals
What does dynam mean? Power -Chloe saw dynamite on TV, and it made a huge explosion. Dynamite, dynamic, dynamite, Dynamo
What does fin mean? End -Chloe made it to the finish line, and the race was over. Finish, final, finale, finalize
What does form mean? Shape -The birds' formation was in a V shape. Formation, chlorophorm, conform, conformal
What does -ed mean? Past tense -Kendall changed her clothes into a different outfit. Changed, abducted, transported, walked
What does -est mean? Most -Mackenzie was the fastest runner in the race, so she got first place. Fastest, coldest, warmest, brightest
What does -ic/-ical mean? to do with -Abby went to a musical performance where a girl played the harp. Musical, mythical, apical, angelical
What does -ist mean? One who practices -The artist painted an elephant and sold it to a museum. Violinist, pianist, artist, biologist
What does -ite mean? Forming adjective or noun -Sarah lost her appetite when she saw a worm on the ground. Finit, appetite, petite, aerolite
What does bi- mean? Two - Mackenzie learned how to ride a bicycle when she was 6 years old. Bicycle, bias, biannual, biannually
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