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Stack of life

Whats your stack of lives?

Why is the sun green? Because I made it so!!!
Why isn't the sun green? Trick question! Its every colour, with the correct filter
When was man first born? When woman borned it.
When was woman first born? when man borned it.
Who was the first man on the moon? Mr moon!!, it was named after him
Why did the chicken cross the Mobius strip? To get to the same side!!!
Why was the first man on the moon borned from a woman and crossed by a green sunned chicken? Because I made it so!!!
Who spoke the first words? Adam and Steve
Who else said the first words? Karen and Eve
Where were the last people born? Behind you!!!
Why were the last people born? you tell me, i'm mentally disturbed
Why was six afraid of seven? Because six was still just a foetus, and seven was very intimidating to it...
When were you born? Yesterday...
Who borned Adam? Steve, Karen or Eve? All three, modern day mate, accept it..
How many people saw the London bombing? Infinite people, all through history
Why did the end of the world happen? Because some idiot made an impossible quiz..., who on earth could that be?
Why did someone count to a million? To prove that he is better than you
When did man first cause an earthquake? When you were born...
What were the effects of the first made earthquake? A tsunami that enveloped the world, creating a black hole that destroyed the universe in a matter of seconds, creating an opposite world in which the earthquake never happened, and so begins the paradox.
Created by: pramist