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BOT notes

December 11

Greek word for "tunic" ; makes up the setae of annelids; is composed of acetylglocosamines chitin
written by Vitruvius in 27 B.C. ; translations made later on include Giocondo's, Daniele Barbaro's,Bracciolini's and William Newton's, Ten Books on Architecture ( De Architectura)
edited Der Angriff Goebbels
isolated by Moisson in 1886 ; cryolite is an ore fluorine
1410 battle that included Witold of Lithuania and Ladislav of Poland Tannenberg (Grunwald)
he threatened the power of Zeno; surrendered Ravenna in 493 ; was a Scirian and was attacked by Theodoric ; younger son of Edico (served Attila the Hun) ; defeated Orestes and Romulus Augustulus ; defeated the Rugians Odoacer
was an associate of Sandburg and Masters ; wrote "The Congo" and "General William Booth Enters Heaven" Vachel Lindsay
famous ones include Magnitka and Belomor Canal Gulags
dsicovered Bumabashi, Ohehomenos, and Tiryns ; his assistant was Wilhelm Dorpfeld Heinrich Schliemann
a 1513 Battle in which the Earl of Surrey defeated James IV of Scotland Flodden Field
worked at Columbia ; wrote the Pscyhology of Arithmetic ; Animal Intelligence ; Notes on Child Study ; most famously, Educational Pscyhology ; developed connectionism Edward Thorndike
terroist group at 1972 Munich Olympics Black Sepetember
founded by Theo Van Doesburg ; included Piet Mondrian and Gerrir Rietveld ; advocated "the universal harmony of life" de Stijl
battle in which George II defeats duc de Noialle Dettingen
wrote "Anti-Anti Relativism" ; "the Politics of Meaning" ; "The Interpretation of Cultures" Clifford Geertz
capital of Burgundy Dijon
parts of this C.S. Lewis book include "Trilemma" ; "The Rival Conceptions of God" ; "The Invasion" ; "Beyond Personality" Mere Christianity
Hans Komberg worked under this man Hans Krebs
regulatory molecules that affect white blood cells interleukins
synthesized from 1-tryptophan; is known as 5-hydroxytryptamine serotonin
consists of protosome coelomtate annelida
supraspinatus muscles, humeral head, glenoid socket rotator cuff
found by Ruysch; contains the circular sphincter iris
deciphered by John Chadwick and Michael Ventris in 1953 ; it had no signs for lone consonants and closed syllables Linear B
wrote Christopher Unborn Fuentes
originally called Abraxa ; characters enconunter Anemolians at Amaurot ; Portugese traveller is Hythloday and his friend is Peter Giles Utopia
composed for the Vienna Men Singing Society in 1867 Blue Danube Waltz
composed Roses from the South ; Morning Leaves ; Emperor Waltzes Strauss (the Younger)
"Short Symphony" ; An Outdoor Overture Copland
this processes important component is malic acid ; split into obligate and facultative types ; it passes parenchyma in stems and leaves CAM (Crassulacean Acid Metabolism)
contains Mount Abora ; is an "anodyne" induced dream from Porlock Kubla Khan
meaning came from Patrick Edward Dove ; was mentioned in the Wedge Document ; was the subject of Kitzmiller vs. Dover Schools intelligent design
Bog With Cherries ; Absinthe Drinker ; Concert in Tulieres Garden ; was a gunner in the Franco-Prussian War Manet
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