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Odyssey Vocab

Abominable Cuasing Revulsion Ex~ Something Big
Adversary Ones oppent in a contest, Conflict or Dispute
Ambrusia THe foosd of the gods, Thought to confer Immortaity
Angiush Severe mental or physical pain suffering
Appalled Greatly dismay or horrify
Besieged Surround ( a place ) with armed forces in order to capture it or force it's surrender lay siege to.
Desolated Make ( a place ) bleakly depressingly empty
Forebonding Fearful apperhension, a feeling that something bad will happen
Fominable Inspring fear or respect through beting inpressivly large powerful intense or capable
Harried Feeling strained as result of having demands presistenly made on one harrsed
Heed Pay attention to take notice of
Pommel around knob on the end the handle of the end of the sword , dagger or old fashion gun. (2) Up ward curving or projecting part of a saddle in the rider.
Pugent Having a sharpy strong taste or smell
Valor Great curage in the face danger escially
Victuals Food or prousion, typically as perpared for consumption.
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