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British Lit Unit 5

Study Helps for Unit 5 test

Which Cowper poem is his prayer for restored fellowship? "Walking with God"
In "To a Mouse," why does the speaker say the mouse is more fortunate than man? The mouse has to deal with the present only. The man has to deal with past, present and future.
What is the poetic device used in "To a Mouse" and "To a Louse"? apostrophe
How did England's domination of the seas help advance the industrial revolution? crowding out the French, Dutch and Spanish from valuable markets and sources of raw materials
Which writing style is defined as "the rule of reason in all areas of life"? rationalism
Which author's "Journal" showed he had a grasp of Greek and enjoyed secular as well as sacred reading? John Wesley
What is the verse form of The Deserted Village? heroic couplet
What is the purpose of satire? to upbraid and to warn
In which poem were the cottagers were given the opportunity to emigrate to America, become a factory hand, or stay in the village as a laborer? The Deserted Village by William Goldsmith
Why was the neoclassical period of England's history difficult for the common man? transition from agricultural to industrial society
What was the purpose of a young man going on a "grand tour"? to broaden his viewpoint by making it more cosmopolitan
Which poetic device is expressed in these lines from Elegy? "Nor Grandeur hear with a disdainful smile,/The short and simple annals of the poor" personification
Johnson said "that a single house will show whatever is done or suffered in the world". What does this mean? Insight and instruction can be gained from the observation of those around you since human characteristics are universal.
How did Addison and Steele point out the superiority of reason over emotion in "White's Chocolate House"? by exaggerating the young man's preoccupation with the young lady
At the end of his life, what was Johnson's basis for salvation? Christ's death
In Robinson Crusoe, what did Crusoe miss most while on the island? conversation
In An Essay on Criticism, how does Pope illustrate the importance of his belief that "the sound must seem an echo to the sense"? Pope writes a series of lines that sound like the good and bad writing styles he is humorously using and deriding
What trait of Johnson's overshadows his shortcomings? conversational abilities
What present-day writings can the essays in The Tatler and The Spectator be compared to? editorials
What fundamental question does An Essay on Man seek to answer? Why does evil exist?
What writing style does this line from Winter use? "Thither the household feathery people crowd" periphrasis
In the journal entry for February 3, 1770, to what does Wesley attribute Rousseau's shortcomings? disdain for the Bible
Why was it so hard for Boswell to meet Johnson? Johnson's lifestyle was irregular
What is the thesis of "Heavenly Joy on Earth"? heavenly joy should begin before the Christian reaches heaven.
What are some neoclassical writing elements in Elegy? subject, intense moralization, poetic diction
What are some romantic writing elements in Elegy? solitary meditation, rural landscape and use of natural description to create a mood
Why is "Behold the Man" unique in English hymnody? dramatic-allegorical narrative quality
Which of Pope's characteristics did Dryden lack? diligence
England's conflicts were satirized by having the breaking of an egg result in extreme consequences and having the Lilliputians solve their problems quickly. Who wrote this? Jonathan Swift in Gulliver's Travels
Who foresaw a new age of reasonableness and scientific progress and was called the "first of the moderns"? John Dryden
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