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English 3:

The Great Gatsby Study Guide

The Great Gatsby Study Guide
Nick Carraway: Narrator
Tom Buchanan: Daisy’s husband
Daisy Buchanan: Tom's wife
George Wilson: Myrtle’s husband
Myrtle Wilson: George’s wife
Catherine: Myrtle’s sister
Jordan Baker: Golfer
McKees:: Photographers
Dan Cody: Gatsby’s mentor
Ella Kaye: Stopped from getting money
Klipspringer: Piano player (lives in Gatsby’s house)
Owl Eyes: :Party goer
Meyer Wolfsheim: Mafia Boss
Valley of Ashes: Train yard
T.J. Eckleberg: Doctor on billboard (God)
Green light: Gatsby’s dream
East Egg/West Egg: New money/old money
Plot Events:
1. In chapter 1, what important information does Nick tell us about himself? He is judgmental.
2. Interpret the following: “Reserving judgments is a matter of infinite hope." Nick’s grandfather.
3. Who lives in East Egg? West Egg? Nick and Jordan live in West Egg. Gatsby and Daisy live in East Egg.
4. Who lived over the garage? The Wilsons.
5. According to Tom, who was “so dumb he doesn't know he’s alive”? George Wilson.
6. How did Myrtle and Tom first meet? In the garage.
7. What happened when Myrtle said Daisy’s name? Tom punched her in the nose, causing it to bleed.
8. What is Daisy’s most noticeable feature? Her voice.
9. What did Fitzgerald use as the model for West Egg? Eggs
10. Who was Meyer Wolfsheim? What is his relationship to Gatsby? He is Gatsby’s boss.
11. What two historical events played an important role in the novel? Prohibition and WWII
12. What is Nick’s job? He is a bondsman.
13. What is Nick’s socioeconomic background? He is rich.
14. Explain how Gatsby first met Dan Cody. He warned Cody about a storm.
15. What did he learn from Cody? How to drive a yacht.
16. Why is Ch. 5 an important chapter in the novel? Daisy and Gatsby
17. What did Gatsby want from Daisy? Love
18. At the party in Ch, 6, why does Tom leave the group? What does this tell us about Tom? He has no interest in the party. His dislike with Gatsby causes him to keep an eye on Daisy.
19. Describe the weather in Ch. 7 when the group met for lunch. Rainy
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