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Man who was Poe

According to Edmund, where is Aunty? Looking for his mother
Why does Sis want Edmund to leave the tenement? To get them some food
Where are Edmund and sis from? London
What happens when Edmund returned to the tenement from getting something to eat for Sis and himself? Sis was gone
Who is Mr. Dupin? Edgar Allen Poe
What was the fairy tale Sis was reading at the beginning of the book? Hansel and Gretel
What does Dupin do for a living? Writes stories
Why was the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel important? He found a clue that he thought was just like the story.
What happened at Providence Bank? There was a robbery of California gold.
What did the note say that was slipped under the door of Edmund's tenement? Meddle at Your Peril
In chapter 4, Avi reveals that Sis and Edmund are what? Twins - and twins run in the family
What are some similarities between Edgar Allen Poe and Edmund's life histories? Both have lost fathers, both have someone named "Sis" in their families
Who is Mrs. Whitman? Mrs. Powers' mother
What ship does Fortnoy serve as a watchman? The Lady Liberty
Who does Mrs. Powers want her daughter to marry? Mr. Arnold
What is the "senseless theft" of Edmund's apartment? A portrait of Mum and Aunty Pru
The vault door being described as "tight as a coffin lid" is an example of what literary device? simile
A recurrent element or pattern in a story is called a motif. What is one motif in this story? Dupin's obsession with death
Why is it important to Mr. Dupin that the two women are twins? He now realizes the dead woman on the dock could be Edmund's mother. It also explains the "ghost" he saw at the cemetery.
Why does the statement about "lies having truths" help Edmund? He realizes that Sunrise is a boat not an event.
Why does Poe insist Sis is dead? He wants her to die in his story
At the end of the story, who shows up to help Edmund at the dock? Throck and Poe
What does Sis do to escape from Peterson? Jumps in the water
What happens to Mr. Ratchett and Mr. Peterson at the end of the story? Their boat crashed
Created by: Lidiak