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old man and the sea

Who is Santiago? How is he described in the story? He is the old fisherman. He is gaunt and weather-worn with many scars.
Who is Manolin? Manolin is a young boy who often fishes with Santiago
Who is Martin Martin is the owner of a pub-type restaurant. He sent food with Manolin to Santiago
Who is the boy not fishing with the old man anymore? Does he want to? Santiago is having a streak of bad luck. The boy's parents won't let him fish with Santiago even though he wants to.
What did the other fishermen think of the old man? They thought he was just a crazy old man
Why is there so much talk about Joe DiMaggio? Santiago identifies with DiMaggio, and sees that success is sometimes possible, no matter what the odds, if you want it enough
What does the old man dream about? He dreams about his youth in Africa and lions on the beach there.
What type of fish did the old man catch? Marlin
What does the old man think of porpoises and flying fish, and the pair of marlin he had hooked before? He thinks of them as brothers in the natural world.
Santiago often wishes the boy were there. why? He likes Manolin's company and needs the help
What was Santiago's problem with the left hand? It kept cramping
Who did Santiago give the head of the marlin to? Pedrico
Who was El Campeon? How did he get that name? It was Santiago, as champion arm wrestler in his youth. He beat a great athlete in an arm wrestling match.
How did the old man kill the big fish? He pulled the fish close, got him turned on his side, held the line with his foot, and harpooned it.
How did Santiago intend to take the fish back to port since the fish was bigger than the boat? He tied the fish to the side of the skiff.
What problem did the old man have getting the fish home? Sharks kept attacking the bloody carcass
What of the big fish is left by the time Santiago reaches home? Only the carcass is left: the tail, the backbone, the head, and the bill.
With the mast on his shoulder, Santiago had to stop and rest five times on his way home. What is the symbolic reference? It refers to Christ's carrying the cross
What does Manolin do when he sees Santiago return? He cries for Santiago's suffering and defeat.
A woman and her husband see the carcass of the magnificent fish and incorrectly identify it as a common shark of extraordinary size. What does this emphasize? The fall of trhe noble creature and the apparent insignificance of Santiago's great sin and battle.
Who is the author of Old Man and the Sea? Hemingway
Created by: Lidiak



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