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Unit 4 vocabulary

Immortality living forever; never dying
Lifestyle Factors behaviors and habits that help determine a person’s level of health
Risk Behaviors actions that may cause injury to yourself or others
Cumulative Risk related risks that increase in effect with each added risk
Precautions Planned actions taken before an event to increase the chances of a safe outcome.
Prevention taking steps to make sure that something does not happen
Abstinence the conscious, active choice not to participate in high-risk behaviors
Gang a group whose members often use violence or take part in criminal activity
Drug Trafficking the buying or selling of drugs
Bullying a type of violence in which one person uses threats, taunts, or violence to intimidate another again and again
Violence actions or words that hurt people or things they care about
Violent Behavior acting in a way that hurts others
Abuse physical, emotional, or mental mistreatment of another person
Ecology the study of how living things are connected in the environment
Health Advocate someone who chooses actions that protect the environment
Environmental Protection Agency the governmental agency that is committed to protecting the environment
Biodegradable broken down easily in the environment
Non-renewable Resources substances that cannot be replaced once they are used
Conservation the saving of resources
Service Learning an educational experience that combines learning with community service without pay
Mentor spending time with a responsible, trusted person who guides and helps a younger person
Shadowing spending time with a mentor as he/she performs work activities
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