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massage core book

massage therapy

Site specific contraindications - partial, full
Pathology related Contraindications
Special population Standard approaches for some populations- Age, paraplegic and quadriplegic and prenatal massage.
Working with populations Contraindication rules,modality specific contraindications, knowledge of specific technique results and information given to the therapist by the client - ask questions.
special applications Prenatal massage. Different Ways to use the bolster and or toweling.
Manipulation of the soft tissue. massage creates two effects on the circulatory, and lymphatic system, mechanical and reflexive system.
Stress, pain and the client. Soft tissue manipulation.
What are the benefits of touch? Increases system functioning, rom, prevents disease and injury, decreases anxiety and stress, increases well-being, and Increases body awareness.
what are the soft tissue techniques? Effleurage, petrissage, friction, vibration, tapotement.
What is the organization of a body massage? Informed consent, right of refusaL, service, and client center approached.
Client consultation and evaluation Ask questions.
client treatment goal. forearm, Olecranon, soft fist, knuckles.
formulation of the treatment strategy. Informed consent, right of refusal, service and client centered approach.
History of massage Founded in China. 3000 b.c. Chinese influenced the India's around 1800 b.c. per henrick ling is responsible for organizations of the massage "father of medicine".
What are the professional boundaries? Professionalism, therapeutic, draping,comfort/ safety zone,feedback from the client, caring/ expressing and safety and trust.
What are therapeutic relationships? Beingness, doingness.
What are dual relationships? Relationships create assurance, leading to solid foundation upon which to build.
What is sexual misconduct?
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