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CAII - All Words

CAII - All Framework Words

Database Collection of data organized in a manner that allows access, retrieval and use of data
Field A single characteristic of data that appears in a table as a column
Primary Key A field that uniquely identifies a record in a table
Query A question presented in a way that allows the database to process and generate specific data from one or more tables
Form A database view that allows the user to see all fields for one record and enter them one at a time
Records A collection of fields that appear as a row in a database or table
Report A documnet that uses data from tables and/or queries; the user controls which items in the database will appear in the report and how it is filtered or sorted
Table A database view of information arranged in a grid of rows and columns
Ascending Sort order arranging text or numbers from A to Z, from smallest to largest or from earliest to latest
Autoformat Preset formatting including shading that can be applied to a table
Cell Portion of a table that is formed by the intersection of a row and column
Column Vertical group of cells in a table
Column Break A break that can happen automatically when a column is full and items automatically flow to the next column; a column break can be inserted into a document when you wish to end a column
Crop To trim a picture so only a portion of the original image shows
Descending Sort order arranging text or numbers from Z to A, largest to smallest or latest to earliest
Gridlines Lines that mark the boundaries of cells in a table
Sort To arrange a list alphabetically (text) or numerically (numbers), in ascending or descending order
Row Horizontal line of cells in a table
Table A grid of rows and columns that intersect to form cells
Wrap Text A feature that allows text to be included with pictures, shapes, or tables without covering or hiding under the image, giving the user control over how the text is positioned
Data Source Contains variable information that is inserted into the main document during mail-merging process
Field One piece of information - i.e. a name or a street address
Filter Allows user to merge or group pieces of information in the data source to match certain criteria
Mail Merge Feature used to mass produce form letters and other types of documents by combining the information in two documents, a main document and a data source
Main Document Contains both standard text and formatting that appears in the merged document, contains merge fields representing where variable information will be placed
Merge Fields Codes placed in mail-merge documents to input pieces of information from data sources
Paragraph Style Formatting instructions applied to a paragraph; may include alignment, line spacing, paragraph spacing, indents, and character formatting
Record The collection of fields organized into a related group for mail merging
Template Design and formatted document on which new documents are based
Footer Text that appears in the bottom margin of a page throughout a section or document
Hard Page Break Page break inserted manually at a specific point in a document used to end the current page
Header Text that appears in the top margin of a page throughout a section or document
Landscape Orientation A page layout in which documents are printed across the length of a page, making the page wider than it is tall
Portrait Orientation A page layout in which comments are printed across the width of a page, making the page taller than it is wide
Section Portion of a documnet that has its own unique formatting
Section Break Markers to indicate the beginning and end of a section
Soft Page Break Page break that is inserted automatically when a page is filled; these breaks adjust as changes are made to the document
Bar Graph Data is represented by horizontal bars
Category Axis What is shown in a chart, created from row or column headings
Chart Title Optional title or name for a chart
Column Chart A chart in which data is represented by vertical bars
Data Marker Object that explains the colors, patterns, or symbols used in a chart
Data Point One value from a data series
Legend Chart object that explains the colors, patterns, or symbols used in a chart
Line Graph Chart in which data is represented by lines
Pie Chart Data is arranged in the shape of a pie which data represented by various percentages or the pie
Plot Area Rectangular area bound by the category and value axes
Value Axis Horizontal or vertical grouping of values from the worksheet
Absolute Reference Cell address that does not change when copied in a formula
Argument Values or cell references (included between parentheses) that funciton needs to complete its calculation
Average Function Built in mathematical function that determines the average of a block of cells
Fill A feature that allows the user to copy or fill data in cells adjacent to the original cell
Freeze Title A method of keeping certain rows of columns visible at all times (such as headings or certain labels)
Function built-in mathematical formula
Max function function that returns the highest number in a range of cells
Min function returns the lowest number in a range
Mixed reference cell address that adjusts either the row or the column when the formula is copied
Order of Operation (math hierachy) alternative term for order of precedence
Relative Reference Cell address that adjusts to the row or column where a copied formula is located
What-If analysis projecting with a spreadsheet by changing the data
AutoFormat buildt-in set of formatting instrucitons that apolies fonts, colors, borders, and other formats to a range
Currency Format Format data using commas and dollar signs
Fit To Printing option htat allows user to change page scaling
Merge & Center the process of merging cells and centering the data in the cells
Percentage Format A format that converts a decimal number to a percentage
Styles Sets of formatting specifications
Text Wrapping An automatic feature moves text to the next line when a line is full and text can no longer fit
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