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spanish dictinary

Stack #185059

fruit pg.2 fruta
hand pg.2 mano
grapes pg.4 uvas
fingers pg.4 dedos
party pg.6 fiesta
presentation pg.7 quinceaneras
grandaughter pg.12 nieta
rose pg.14 rosa
boss pg.16 jefe
queen pg.18 reina
donkey pg.19 burro
morning pg.23 muchachas
what pg.25 que
figs pg.39 los higos
guavas pg.58 las guayabas
doll pg.69 mona
your welcome pg.71 de nada
thank you pg.71 gracias
lever pg.74 palanca
sweets pg.75 dulces
cantaloupes pg.81 los melones
understand pg.99 entiendes
onions pg.100 las cebollas
de veras pg.104 true
coffee pg.106 cafe
sausage pg.106 choorizo
niece pg. 108 sobrina
field workers pg. 112 un campesino
almonds pg.121 las almendras
hurry pg.127 andela
plums pg.139 las ciruelas
quickly pg.144 rapido
mi gata pg.150 my cat
potatoes pg.158 las papas
certainly pg.167 claro
hot chocolate pg.174 atole de chocolate
avacados pg.179 los aguacates
please pg.189 por vafor
what good luck pg.190 que buena suerte
right here pg.192 aqui
asparagus pg.199 los asparragos
strike pg.200 huelga
meat ball soup pg.202 calda de albondigas
america pg.206 americana
peaches pg.214 los duraznos
like you pg 215 la reina
grapes pg.234 las uvas
a ghost pg.239 un fantasma
i am here pg.239 aqui estoy
farmer pg.85 campesino
storm pg.148 la tormenta
peasant pg.182 campesina
creek pg.91 arroyo
manana pg.152 morning
folders pg.242 carpetas
hand pg.223 mano
a little pg.223 tantito
migrates pg.209 migra
farmer pg.194 campesino
what good luck pg.191 que buena suerte
kidney beans pg.189 frijoles
garlic sausage pg.189 chorizo
slight pg.189 menudo
a story of you foretell pg.175 un cuento de hadas
tomorrow pg.152 manana
Created by: tan427825



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