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Crucible Vocab Uphus

theocracy system of governing in the name of God
demonic having characteristics of demons or evil spirits
formidable powerful, forceful
vindictive a strong desire for revenge
anarchy a state of disorder caused by absence or not recognizing authority
faction a small dissenting group within a larger group
abominations a thing that causes disgust or hatred
conjured call upon something to appear by magic
pious devoutly religious
evade try to escape; especially by trickery
base without any moral standards
lechery lust; offensive sexual desire
immaculate perfectly clean; pure
incredulously acting with disbelief
unintelligible impossible to understand
audible able to be heard
anonymity to by anonymous or unidentified
daft silly or foolish
transfixed frozen with fear or wonder
remorselessly without regret
inert lacking the ability to move
prodigious remarkable; of great size or degree
antagonist an adversary; the opposition
indignant showing annoyance over perceived unfair treatment
magistrate civil judge who holds court
mimic imitate; especially to mock or ridicule
inept showing no skill; clumsy
perplexed baffled; puzzled; confused
allegiance loyalty to a person or group
contemplation being thoughtful; think things over
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