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Pruett International Section 1

Globalization Process of integration among countries with a vision of a single market entity. (Social, economic, political, technical, and cultural)
Internationalization When a business crosses national and cultural barriers.
International Management Managing in a multinational company, adapting management practices to different economic, political and cultural environments.
Multinational Corporation (MNC) Operations in more than one country; international sales; and managers from a mix of countries.
Economic Systems (List) Market, Command, and Mixed
United States Good Market for foreign MNC; Foreign investment welcomed; and domestic firms dominate many European markets and are gaining in Asia.
Canada Biggest U.S trade partner; has big U.S. investment; legal/business environment similar to U.S.
Mexico Biggest Latin American economy; very strong maqauiladora industry w/ U.S. markets; rising trade with Europe/Asia; competes with Asia for U.S. market
North America Generally free market economies.
South America History of high debt and high inflation; Brazil, Chile, and Argentina has strongest economies; history of trade barriers now declining.
European Union Has emerged as a functional economic union; links/spread into central, southern, and south eastern areas; substantial FDI (M&A, alliances)
Central and Eastern Europe Dismantling of price controls and state ownership in 90's; inflation, crime, corruption; political uncertainty
Japan Phenomenal success 70's and 80's; Vertically integrated business; international competition with China and SE Asia
China Annual growth of 8-11%; investors interested despite political risk, trade piracy, and restrictions
South Korea Chaebols; relationship issues with China and N. Korea
Hong Kong Now part of People's republic of China; wealthy free market
Singapore Highly educated; high-tech
Taiwan Tension with China whom claims it; high tech and industrial
The Tigers (List) S. Korea, HK, Singapore, and Taiwan
Baby Tigers (List) Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia
Baby Tigers Large pop, cheap labor, natural resources, attractive to outside investors, and corruption
India Huge poor pop, big middle class; growth on software; attractive to western culture
Middle East Oil and NR; Unemployment, politics, and religion
Africa Natural Resources; Generally poor, weak infrastructure, 1,000 languages and dialects; poverty, starvation, war, corruption; overcrowding in areas
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