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The Amendments

Amendment 1 Freedom of religion, freedom to speak, freedom to press, and the right of the people to assemble.
Amendment 2 The right to bear arms, to have a weapon to protect yourself
Amendment 3 No quartering soldiers, in time of peace.
Amendment 4 The right to have privacy, unless the judge thinks there is a reasonable cause, and The Supreme Court can't seize, without a search warrant
Amendment 5 A person can't be tried more than once for the same crime. Members of the military can't be trailed in court material, and a person can't be forced in any criminal case to be a witness against themselves.
Amendment 6 A state can't make an accused person go to jail for a long time, while they wait to have a trial, and the trial must be open to the public so that a jury must hear witness and evidence on both sides, before decide the person is innocent or guilty.
Amendment 7 Civil Trial Rights, the right in a civil case to a jury trial, After a jury decides the if the person accused is guilty or innocent, no judge can overrule the jury's decision.
Amendment 8 The courts can not assign the accused an excessive amount for bail, and if found guilty the judge can't give unreasonable punishments
Amendment 9 The rights listed in the constitution aren't the only rights people can have, there aren't certain rights.
Amendment 10 Protects the states and the people from an all powerful federal government, it provides the states, and people all power granted to the federal government
Amendment 11 A person can't sue a state in a federal court
Amendment 12 When electing a President & a Vice President, the electors have to cast separate ballots for each office. The votes for each office are counted and listed separately. The candidate who receives the most votes, is elected President.
Amendment 13 A person can't own a slave or a servant, except if the condition is imposed on an individual as punishment or crime.
Amendment 14 citizenship rights and equal protection of the laws, and rights to former slaves.
Amendment 15 Forbids states from denying voting rights based on race, color or former slaves.
Amendment 16 The congress have the power to lay and collect taxes on income.
Amendment 17 Each state gets 2 senators They are be elected by the people of the state instead of appointed by the state legislature. They get elected for six years & They each get one vote
Amendment 18 banned the making, transporting, and selling of alcoholic beverages, was illegal
Amendment 19 The right for women to vote.
Amendment 20 After an election year, the President and Vice President end their term on January 20, & If the president has died The Vice-President is next in line to the presidency.
Amendment 21 banned the 18th amendment, & alcohol was legal
Amendment 22 No person can be elected as president more than twice, and no person can hold the office of the President, or act as President, and Presidents that were elected to the office can't be Presidents a second time.
Amendment 23 allows District of Columbia residents to vote in president elections.
Amendment 24 Banning any poll tax in elections for federal officials.
Amendments 25 In case of the removal of the President from office or of his death, the Vice President can become President. Whenever there is an opening in the office of the Vice President, the President can nominate a Vice President
Amendment 26 Citizens of the United States, 18 and older are allowed to vote.
Amendment 27 Limits the power of Congress to increase its own salaries
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