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Retailer Reporting

Retailer Sales Reporting Test 1

List of Sources for finding information/data research 1. Company Website 2. SEC filings 3. Business Media Publications 4. Trade/Industry Sites 5. Govt. Data 6. Academic (university) or Wall Street 7. Wall Street Research or Consulting firms
Source: Company Website Information the Company Shares Look for Investor sections of website; look for Earnings Release, public presentations & announcements
Source: SEC Securities & Exchange Commission LEGAL, Regulatory Ex of Filings: Earnings filings Top Officer Earnings Quarterly & Annual Reports Statement of changes in beneficial ownership of securities " " acquisition of beneficial ownership by individuals
Business Press/Media Publications Wall Street Journal FORTUNE Forbes Business Week
Retail Industry Groups National Retail Federation STORES magazine Retailing Today
Government Data CIA U.S.Census Bureau World Bank Bureau of Economic Analysis NBER: National Bureau of Economic Research
Academic Research Oxford University Northwestern University School of Management
Wall Street Investment Firm or Consulting Firm publications Citibank Investment Research
4/5/4 Calendar Based on having the same # of weeks & same # of Sat & Sun in comparable Months. Lines up holidays in same week each year Walmart Wk Sat-Friday NRF Wk Sun-Sat Every 7 years there is a 53rd wk Month in RL: December 2012 was Sat. Nov 24 to Fri, Dec 28
Fiscal Year Calendar Jan 1-Dec 31 Walmart Financial Results Fiscal Year Feb 1-Jan 31 Walmart Retail Fiscal Year
Comp Sales: US Comp Store Sales Year on Year comparison in Stores that have been opened more than 12 months. Overall Sales from Stores open more than 12 months Comp means Comparable Can have YOY comparison on sales Gives truer picture of company growth. It's the health of the base.
Sales Reporting: How company's talk about sales Comp vs. % Chg to LY LY vs. Industry (Sales %chg (+) vs. LY can be misleading if it is not inline with the Growth of the industry. Ex. Industry Growth of 15% makes a Sales %Chg of %5 not that impressive. day/wk/mo/qtr/yr reporting
Pricing Strategies Clear Action Alley: unexpected consequences of lost sales .inventory holding Sku Reductions/Reintroduction:Loss of whole basket (fabric,jelly) EDLP vs Rollback: miss Supplier Promo dollars. Brought back layaway (Big Items Cost and Space wise)
AUR Average Unit Retail Shows Price sensitivity
UPT Units Per Transaction if this number is down it usually means there is an assortment issue
Traffic Register Transactions This is where the customers are voting (Competitive in Nature) Issues here usually mean an internal issue
Tickets The amount of the basket purchase If there are issues here it is usually an external issue: economy, Inflation, unemployment..
Sales Analysis Components Break down Sales= Tickets vsTraffic U/P/T & AUR Register Transaction Units driven by Traffic AUR driven by Avg Ticket
Other Adjustment to Sales Reporting: Foreign Exchange Rate Sales are reported in local currency. Sales for Walmart are reported in US dollars. Ex.For sales from mexico, the rate has to be exchanged from peso's to dollars and then reported. Can have a negative or positive Foreign Exchange IMPACT
Non Comp Stores New Store Remodeled store Relocated store
Retailers organize their data and reporting around two core competencies 1. Store Operations: location and management of actual Stores 2. Merchandising: decisions around product sourcing, pricing, margin, inventory, delivery performance.
Operations Hierarchy Corporation:Walmart Stores,Inc Segment:Walmart US, Sam's Club, Int'l, Indiv. Country, market St.Format:SuperC,Div 01orDisct St,Nbrd Market,Expr,test Division:NE US, SE US, West Region:1-2 Sts. Market:metro area,20-30- strs Ind.Str Dept w/in a st
Merchandise Hierarchy Corp & Segment: Same os Operations SBU: major merch. catg.Grocery, Apparel, Health&Wellness.. Dept:common items : Froz food, pharmacy Catg:Items w/common use: ice cream, mens socks Fineline:sim. items;low cut crew socks Item SKU: item by sz, color,
Other Adjustments to Sales Reporting: With or Without Fuel Fueling station performance can be volatile, so reporting usually shows with AND without fuel. Fueling Stations are a TRAFFIC DRIVER but typically not very profitable
Created by: thopwood