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French Regular Verbs

variety of regular -er, -ir, -re verbs & definitions

to buy Acheter
to adore, to love Adorer
to help, to aid Aider
to like, to love Aimer
to bring (someone) Amener
to bring (something) Apporter
to arrive Arriver
to stop, to arrest Arrêter
to attack Attaquer
to calculate Calculer
to sing Chanter
to look for Chercher
to order Commander
to begin Commencer
to cut Couper
to cook Cuisiner
to cultivate Cultiver
to dance Danser
to desire Désirer
to draw Dessiner
to hate Détester
to devour Dévorer
to dine, to have dinner Dîner
to give, to donate Donner
to doubt Douter
to listen (to) Écouter
to enter Entrer
to surprise, to amaze Etonner
to study Étudier
to avoid Éviter
to exist Exister
to tire Fatiguer
to hit Frapper
to win Gagner
to live Habiter
to play Jouer
to eat Manger
to go up Monter
to show Montrer
to swim Nager
to forget Oublier
to organize Organiser
to speak Parler
to participate Participer
to skate Patiner
to think Penser
to wear Porter
to cry Pleurer
to push Pousser
to prefer Préférer
to prepare Préparer
to publish Publier
to leave Quitter
to watch Regarder
to notice Remarquer
to meet Rencontrer
to repair Réparer
to dream Rêver
to call on the phone Téléphoner
to text Texter
to pull Tirer
to turn Tourner
to touch Toucher
to work Travailler
to fly Voler
to steal Voler
to travel Voyager
to lose perdre
to sell vendre
to wait (for) attendre
to respond répondre
to finish finir
to choose choisir
to grow grandir
to interrupt interrompre
to gain weight grossir
to hang pendre
to lose weight maigrir
to build batîr
to confuse or mistake confondre
to depend dépendre
to defend defendre
to obey obéir
to punish punir
to claim pretendre
to succeed reussir
to fill remplir
Created by: Madame Shea