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anime freak

what is the main male characters name in SAO Kirito
what anime consists of titans and a wall being broken down attack on titan
what type of anime is boy on boy love yaoi
what is the japanese word for master senpai
what anime talks about a girl transgender going to highschool and joining a club of boys ouran highschool
what anime is about a young girl who's mother promised to make her a jellyfish dress when she god older and that everyone girl became a princess jellyfish princess
what type of anime consists of girl on girl love yuri
what anime is all about a notebook that can kill anyone who's name is written in it deathnote
In what anime is there a girl named Yuki Cross who doesn't remember and is attacked by a vampire Vampire Knight
In what anime is there a god who lives on the streets with no money and will do "anything" for five yen Noragami
In what anime does a demon find a little boy and make a contract with him and makes the boy have to wear an eye patch Black Butler
In what anime are there a bunch of hot guys swimming Free
Created by: person.