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RRMR 2010 Quizbowl ?

old quizbowl questions from 2010

Which U.S. National Park is the oldest located east of the Mississippi River? Acadia National Park
Identify the nobel gas, discovered in 1898 from the residue of liquid air, that has an atomic number of 54. Xenon
The hypothenuse of a 30-60-90 degree triangle is 14 cm long. Find the perimeter of the triangle. Be sure to include correct units 21 + 7 square root 3 cm
With regard to television display, what is the meaning of the acronym "HD" high definition
In Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, which important family includes five unmarried daughters? The Bennett Family
During World War II, his nickname was "Old Blood and Guts." Who was this famous American General whose film biography won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1970? George S. Patton
Translate the Spanish word "suerte" into English luck
Identify the metric equivalent of the U.S. unit of horsepower Watt
Which eleven-letter adjective is used before the word "mark" to refer to any of the several notations above or below a letter in the word to indicate pronunciation? diacritical
Find the limit as x approaches infinity of 1/x 0
Identify the Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem that describes a summer palace name Xanadu Kubla Khan
In English grammar, what punctuation mark is used to indicate a short poetry title? quotation marks
Give the name of the biological class that includes the sharks, rays, and skates Chondrichthyes
Theatrical workers, whether production, construction, or administrative are often referred to by what four-letter noun that begins with the letter "g"? grip
Mean, median, mode, variance, range, and standard deviation are al terms associated with which branch of Mathematics? statistics
Which war was the setting in Earnest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms? WWI
What is the name of the capital city of the African nation of Sudan? Khartoum
Identify the eight-letter verb, beginning with the letter "b," that means to give a gift to someone through one's last will and testament bequeath
How many times louder is a sound of 40 decibels compared to a sound of 10 decibels? 1000
Author of the poem "To a Waterfowl" William Cullen Bryant
Author of the poem "The First Snowfall" James Russell Lowell
Author of the poem "Trees" Joyce Kilmer
Author of the poem "The Song of Hiawatha" Henry W. Longfellow
Author of the poem "Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening" Robert Frost
Author of the poem "Annabelle Lee" Edgar Allen Poe
Author of the poem "Snowbound" John Greenleaf Whittier
Author of the poem "I, Too, Sing America" Langston Hughes
Author of the poem "A Girl" Ezra Pound
Author of the poem "There is Another Sky" Emily Dickinson
Author of the poem "A Dream Within a Dream" Edgar Allen Poe
Author of the poem "The Road Not Taken" Robert Frost
leg = 3 hypotenuse = 5 leg = ? 4
leg = 8 leg = 15 hypotenuse = ? 17
leg = 9 hypotenuse = 41 leg = ? 40
leg = 9 leg = 12 hypotenuse = ? 15
leg = 5 hypotenuse = 13 leg = ? 12
leg = 7 leg = 24 hypotenuse = ? 25
leg = 10 leg = 24 hypotenuse =? 26
leg = 11 leg = 60 hypotenuse = ? 61
leg = 12 leg = 16 hypotenuse = ? 20
leg = 20 leg = 21 hypotenuse = ? 29
leg = 15 leg = 36 hypotenuse = ? 39
leg = 6 hypotenuse = 10 leg = ? 8
If a quadratic equation is graphed and has no x-intercepts, what type of solutions will be found when the equation is solved algebraically imaginary
In literature, what kind of animal is Rosinante as found in Don Quixote? horse
Identify the two-word phrase the refers to a person's salary prior to any deductions for taxes, insurance, and other necessary withholding gross pay
In which U.S. state is the Great Basin desert located? Nevada
Identify the six-letter noun that refers to protection provided to political refugees by a state or country with diplomatic immunity asylum
Give the name of the scientific discipline that studies the origin and development of the universe cosmology
The pronouns "this, that, these, those" are referred to by what name demonstrative
For more than 40 years, this building was the tallest in the world. Identify this famous building, which is still appreciated today for its Art Deco style, and still lays claim to the title of the tallest building in New York City. Empire State Building
Evaluate the sin of 810 degrees 1
In Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath, which character is the protagonist? Tom Joad
Who was the first Secretary of State under President Barack Obama Hilary Clinton
Identify the pop/country recording artist who hit the charts in 2004 with "Since U Been Gone"
Africa is home to the world's heaviest insect - a beetle that can weight up to 100 grams. Give the seven-letter name of this beetle who shares its name with a Biblical character. Goliath
Mount Kosciusko is the tallest mountain in which country? Australia
By what common name is the chemical compound C3H8 known as ? propane
A line contains the points (2, -1) and (5, 8). Find the slope of the line perpendicular to this line. -1/3
In the U.S. constitution, what type of powers are held by both the states and the federal government? concurrent
If you were being treated at Johns Hopkins Teaching Hospital, which U.S. state would you be visiting? Maryland
Solve the following system of equations for x and y: x + y = 9 2x - y = 6 x=5 y=4
Identify the verb tense in the following sentence: She will have been there for four days by Friday future perfect
Which Greek ancient created Oedipus at Colonus, Antigone, and Electra Sophocles
In addition to blood type, what other aspect of blood chemistry must be identified prior to transfusion? Rh factor
Give the two-word slang phrase that is often used to refer to someone who flaunts his money, but more appropriately describes an obese feline. fat cat
What was is the battle from? Battle of the Marne WWI
What was is the battle from? Antietam American Civil War
What was is the battle from? Battle of Manila Spanish-American War
What was is the battle from? Tet Offenseive Vietnam War
What was is the battle from? Battle of Saratoga American Revolutionary War
What was is the battle from? Battle of Coral Sea WWII
What was is the battle from? Battle of Horseshoe Bend War of 1812
What was is the battle from? Battle of Buena Vista Mexican-American War
What was is the battle from? Battle of Pea Ridge WWII
What was is the battle from? Midway WWII
What was is the battle from? Battle of Ardennes WWI
What was is the battle from? Battle of Ludford Bridge War of the Roses
The Velvet ______ by Zipha Keatley Snyder Room
A High Wind in ________ by Richard Hughes Jamaica
A Light in the _______ by Shel Silverstein Attic
Bleak _______ by Charles Dickens House
A Bell for ________ by John Hersey Adano
The Witch of Blackbird _______ by Elizabeth Speare Pond
All Creatures Great and ______ by James Herriott Small
The _____ Book by Rudy Kipling Jungle
A Separate _____ by John Knowles Peace
Hear of _____ by Joseph Conrad Darkness
Great _____ by Charles Dickens Expectations
Tortilla ______ by John Steinbeck Flat
a substance that speeds up a chemical reaction catalyst
a summary of religious doctrine in the form of questions and answers catechism
a complete enumerations of items or a book that contains such a list catalog
a momentous tragic event catastrophe
a cleansing or purification of emotions through talking catharsis
an elongated work-like larva or a butterfly or moth caterpillar
the negative terminal of an electrolytic cell cathode
a general class to which an item or person belongs category
clouding of the lens of the eye in humans or animals cataract
severe mental disorder involving complete withdrawal from reality catatonia
a great flood, earthquake or violent physical change in the earth cataclysm
ancient devise once used to hurl stones or burning debris in battle catapult
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