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Nothing but the Truth

The author of Nothing But The Truth is... Avi
Philip's passion is... running
What grade is Philip in? Freshman/9th
Philip dreams of one day competing in... the olympics
The central conflict of NBTT is... Philip's inability to run track due to his English grade
Philip hates the book... Call of the Wild by Jack London
Philip's English teacher is... Miss Narwin
Miss Narwin feels that today's students do not have a love of... literature
Miss Narwin feels that Philip is ..... intelligent and has potential, but is lazy
Philip is interested in what girl? Allison Doresett
Mr. Lunser and Miss Narwin are examples of what type of characters? Foil
What does Carpe Diem mean? Seize the day
The two ways Philip impresses people are... Running and humor
Philip blames his poor English grade and his inability to run track on... Miss Narwin
Miss Narwin asks for money to attend a summer course to ... improve her teaching strategies
The reader knowing far more about the incidents as they unfold than any character in the novel is called... dramatic irony
Dr. Seymour is very concerned about the... bond election/budget
Miss Narwin is/is not approved for the grant. is not
The funding goes to _______ instead of Miss Narwin. the music teacher/Kimberly Howard for marching
Coach Jamison encourages Philip to... talk to Miss Narwin about extra work.
Dr. Palleni gives Philip the opportunity to ________ instead of being suspended. apologize
Is Philip ever honest to his parents about why he is not in track? No
Mr. Malloy decides to talk to _______ about Philip not being allowed to sing the National Anthem. Ted Griffen
Ted Griffen is running for... school board
Philip hums the National Anthem in Miss Narwin's class with hopes of... being transferred out of her class.
When Jennifer Stewart, the Manchester Record reporter, calls Dr. Palleni the first time, he... refuses to answer any questions.
Does the school budget pass? No
What is the irony at the end of the book? Philip never knew the words to the National Anthem.
The setting of NBTT Harrison, New Hampshire; 1990
What type of writing is NBTT? Documentary
Who is Dr. Joseph Palleni? the assistant principal of Harrison High School.
Who is Anita Wigham? Miss Narwin's sister
Who is Bernard Lunser Philip's original homeroom teacher; has a laid-back teaching style
Who is Dr. Gertrude Doane The principal of Harrison High School; also a former student of Miss Narwin
Who is Mr. Duval? Reporter from St. Louis, Missouri; said he would print Miss Narwin's side of the story but didn't.
Why didn't Mr. Duval print Miss Narwin's side of the story? It was no longer newsworthy; people were now interested in other things
Who is the author of the announcements memo? Dr. Palleni
Mr. Malloy tells Philip he must stand up for himself concerning singing. Does Mr. Malloy stand up to his boss? no
Created by: Lidiak



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