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L.A. Vocab. List 1

TermDefinition Examples Sentences
Dis Prefix- Meaning: not disappear, disapprove, dismount, dislocate I dismounted my horse.
Mis Prefix Meaning: bad misuse, misjudge, mistake, misplace Please do not misjudge me by my style I am actually very sensible.
Pre Prefix Meaning: before preview, pretest, preschool, predetermine I loved the previews and commercials during tv while most people hate them.
Re Prefix Meaning: again; back redo, restart, remake, reply Please restart the car and see if the engine is working.
Un Prefix Meaning: not unfinished, unless, uncool, uncovered The project design is unfinished and I don't know how we will finish in time.
Anni Root Meaning: year anniversary, annual Today is my best friend and my 2 year anniversary of becoming best friends.
Bibl Root Meaning: book bibliography, bible, biblical, bibliophile I read the bibliography of Rosa Parks for history.
Cycl Root Meaning: wheel bicycle, tricycle, unicycle, cycle I love the clowns riding the unicycles.
Dict Root Meaning: say dictation, dictum, dictionary, diction The dictionary has a bunch of definitions that I could use for my exam.
Equi Root Meaning: equal equitable, equilateral, equivalent, equity The equilateral triangle has three congruent angles.
Graph Root Meaning: write autograph, graphics, graphology, graph The graphics in the cartoon were awesome.
Multi Root Meaning: much; many multiply, multiple, multiplayer, multimillionaire There are multiple ways to beat the game.
Typ Root Meaning: print typewriter, type, typist, typography The typist was surprisingly quick on the old typewriter.
Er, or Suffix Meaning: one, who teacher, actor, learner, reader, dictator I love the famous actor Marilyn Monroe.
Ful Suffix Meaning: notable for thankful , joyful, graceful, grateful I am grateful for my family and friends.
Y Suffix Meaning: characterized by salty, sugary, faulty, fully Eww, the sea salt brownies were way too salty.
Created by: Lnicholson001