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Bladder Channel

UB Actions (Chris -EWCNM)

UB1*** ▪ Benefits the eyes ▪ Expels wind and clears heat
UB2*** ▪ Benefits the eyes ▪ Expels wind, clears heat ▪ Clears head, alleviates pain
UB3* ▪ Benefits the eyes and nose ▪ Expels wind, clears the head
UB4** ▪ Benefits the eyes and nose ▪ Expels wind, clears the head
UB5* ▪ Benefits the eyes and nose ▪ Expels wind, descends yang rising
UB6* ▪ Benefits the eyes and nose ▪ Expels wind, clears the head
UB7** ▪ Benefits and regulates nose ▪ Clears the head with phlegm obstructing upper body (swollen face, goiter, dyspena)
UB8* ▪ Benefits the sense organs ▪ Pacifies wind, transforms phlegm and calms spirit
UB9** ▪ Benefits nose and eyes ▪ Expels wind and cold▪ Reduces wind-damp
UB10*** ▪ Benefits head, sensory orifices ▪ Regulates Qi and pacifies wind ▪ Calms spirit
UB11*** ▪ Benefits bone and joints ▪ Expels pathogens, wind-cold and firms exterior ▪ Regulates LU Qi, stops cough
UB12*** ▪ Strengthen Wei Qi and firms exterior to prevent attack ▪ Expels wind and releases exterior pathogenic factors ▪ D/D Lung Qi ▪ Benefits the nose
UB13**** ▪ Tonifies/Nourishes Lung Qi ▪ D/D LU Qi▪ Clears LU Heat▪ Relases the exterior
UB14*** ▪ Spread LIV Qi, unbinds chest▪ Regulates Heart ▪ Regulates and descends Qi
UB15**** ▪ Tonifies/Nourishes the Heart (deficiency, excess, stasis, fire, phlegm)▪ Regulates Heart Qi▪ Resolves HT BL stasis (MI)▪ Clears HT fire, calms spirit
UB16* ▪ Regulates Qi chest and abdomen▪ Skin disorders
UB17**** ▪ Invigorates blood, dispel stasis▪ Cools blood and stops bleeding▪ Harmonize/Nourish blood▪ Harmonizes diaphragm and descends rebellious qi
UB18*** ▪ Spreads LIV Qi▪ Regulate/Nourish LIV Bl▪ Pacifies wind▪ Cools fire, clears damp-heat▪ Benefits eyes and sinews
UB19*** ▪ Tonfies/Regulates GB▪ Clears damp-heat GB▪ Clears pathogens from Shaoyang▪ Tonifies deficiency
UB20*** ▪ Tonifies SP Qi and Yang ▪ Regulates SP Qi to hold blood ▪ Regulate/Harmonize middle jaio ▪ Resolves dampness(SP deficiency generates damp)
UB21*** ▪ Regulates ST, descends rebellion ▪ Harmonizes middle jaio
UB22*** ▪ Regulates/moves the SJ ▪ Regulates SP/ST ▪ Resolves masses and damp ▪ Regulates water passages
UB23**** ▪ Tonifies KID, Fortifies Yang, Benefits essence, Nourishes KID yin, Firms KID Qi, Benefits ears, Regulates water passage, Benefits and warms uterus, Strengthens lumbar
UB24* ▪ Strengthens lumbar and legs ▪ Regulates lower jaio
UB25** ▪ Regulates the intestines ▪ Transforms stagnation ▪ Strengthen lumbar and legs
UB26** ▪ Strengthens lumbar ▪ Regulates lower jaio
UB27** ▪ Separates pure from turbid ▪ Regulates intestines/bladder ▪ Drains turbidity, clears dampheat ▪ Regulates SI Qi
UB28** ▪ Regulates the Bladder ▪ Clears damp-heat lower jaio ▪ Dispels stagnation▪ Resolves masses▪ Benefits lumbar and legs
UB29** ▪ Benefits the lumbar▪ Dispels cold and stops diarrhea
UB30*** ▪ Benefits lumbar and legs▪ Regulates menses▪ Stops leucorrhea, spermatarhea
UB31* ▪ Benefits the lumbar and legs▪ Regulates lower jaio to facilitate urination and defecation▪ Regulate mense, stop leucorrhea
UB32*** ▪ Benefits the lumbar and legs**▪ Facilitate urine and defecation▪ Regulate mense, stop leucorrhea
UB33* Benefits the lumbar and legs**▪ Facilitate urine and defecation▪ Regulate mense, stop leucorrhea
UB34* ▪ Benefits the lumbar and legs▪ Facilitate urine and defecation**▪ Regulate mense, stop leucorrhea
UB35* ▪ Regulate lower, clears damp-heat▪ Benefit coccyx, treat hemorrhoid
UB36*** ▪ Relaxes sinews, relieves pain▪ Regulates lower jaio▪ Treats hemorrhoids
UB37* ▪ Benefits lumbar spine▪ ACAP
UB38* ▪ Relaxes sinews, stop pain▪ Clears heat, sooth contraction
UB39* ▪ Harmonizes the SJ▪ Regulates urination
UB40**** ▪ Benefits lumbar and knees▪ Cools blood, resolves damp▪ Clears summerheat ▪ Stops vomiting and diarrhea▪ Skin disorders (w/LI11)▪ Benefits the bladder
UB41* ▪ Expels wind cold▪ ACAP
UB42**** ▪ Tonifies/Nourishes Lungs(strengthens LU at deepest level)▪ Soothes dyspena and cough
UB43*** ▪ Tonifies and Nourishes LU /HT /KD /SP /ST▪ Nourishes Yin▪ Clears heat ▪ Fosters original Qi▪ Resolves phlegm**▪ Calms spirit
UB44*** ▪ Regulates Qi to unbind chest▪ ACAP
UB45* ▪ Expels wind, clears heat and descends lung Qi▪ Invigorates Qi and BL
UB46* ▪ Regulates diaphragm
UB47*** ▪ Spreads LIV Qi▪ Relaxes sinews▪ Harmonizes middle jaio
UB48* ▪ Regulates GB, clears damp-heat obstructing GB▪ Harmonizes the middle jaio
UB49*** ▪ Regulates SP/ST▪ Clears damp-heat
UB50* ▪ Harmonizes the middle jaio
UB51* ▪ Dispels stagnation▪ Benefits the breast
UB52*** ▪ Tonifies KID ▪ Benefits the essence ▪ Regulates urination ▪ Strengthens the lumbar
UB53* ▪ Regulates lower jaio▪ Benefits urination▪ Benefits the lumbar
UB54*** ▪ Regulates urination▪ Treats hemorrhoids w/o HA▪ Benefits the lumbar and sciatica
UB55* ▪ Stops uterine bleeding▪ Treats pain in genitals
UB56* ▪ Relaxes sinews▪ Benefits the foot and heel
UB57*** ▪ Relaxes sinews▪ Benefits calf and heel▪ Treats hemorrhoids
UB58* ▪ Harmonizes the upper and lower▪ Expels wind in Taiyang channel▪ Treats hemorrhoids
UB59** ▪ Benefits lumbar and legs▪ ACAP
UB60*** ▪ Strongly descends yang ▪ Pacifies wind ▪ Leads excess downward▪ Activates the entire BL channel▪ Relaxes sinews, strength lumbar▪ Promotes labor
UB61* ▪ Relaxes sinews▪ ACAP
UB62*** ▪ Pacifies internal wind▪ Expels exterior wind▪ Benefits the head and eyes▪ Opens/regulates Yang Mobility▪ Calms spirit, treats epilepsy
UB63** ▪ Pacifies wind▪ Moderates acute conditions (Xi)▪ Relaxes sinews, ACAP
UB64** ▪ Eliminates wind▪ Clears the head and eyes▪ Relaxes sinews, ACAP
UB65** ▪ Clears head and eyes▪ Clears heat ▪ Dissipate swelling
UB66** ▪ Clears head▪ Descends LU Qi▪Descends ST Qi
UB67*** ▪ Expels wind, clears head, eyes▪ Turns fetus and induces labor, most effective with moxa
Created by: cawalte3