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Sm. Intestine Points

SI Overview (Chris -EWCNM)

Were does SI channel originate? ulnar side of 5th digit
What is the pathways of the SI channel? Pinkie up lateral arm across scapula,Branch descends at ST12 connect with HT, ST, SI, Branch ascends neck to meet with eye system, Branch from SI18 ascends to meet gallbadder at inner canthus, Branch descends to ST36 (lower Hea-Sea point SI)
What is entry and exit point of SI? SI1 and SI19
What is Front Mu and Back Shu of SI? Ren4 and UB27
What is Lou connecting and Xi cleft point of SI? SI7 and SI6
What is lower Hea-Sea point SI? ST39
What is name of small intestine channel? Hand- Yangming
What is SI 6 channel partner? Urinary Bladder
What is SI Zang-fu pair? Heart
What is horary point of SI? SI5
What are the mother and child points for SI? SI3 and SI8
What is the Source point of the SI? SI4
What is the window of the sky point of SI? SI16
What is the circadian time of the SI? 1-3pm
What SI point is the emperical point for lactation? SI1
What is Jing Well point of SI? SI1
What is Ying-Spring point of SI? SI2
What is Shu-Stream point of SI? SI3
What is Jing-River point of SI? SI5
What is Hea-Sea point of SI? SI8
What SI point is the Confluent point with Du and action is the Regulate the Conception Vessels with treat all disorders along occiput, neck and back? SI3 and UB63
What SI point action is to treat epilepsy and malaria because it clears wind and heat as well as governing vessel enters the brain SI3
What SI point is best to treat all types of jaundice? SI4
What SI point Brightens the eyes and is used to treat all disorders of the eyes? SI6
What SI point can be used to treat shoulder/arm pain as if broken? SI6
What SI point is best for neck rigidity? SI7
What SI point the best for shoulder pain? SI9
What point is a reflex point for LIV Qi stagnation and can also be used with Ren17 to treat te breast? SI11
What SI point benifits the ears, throat and voice and calms the spirit to treat deafness, tinnitus, aphasia, goiter, schizophrena SI16
What SI point benefits the ears, throat and neck and disperses swelling to treat deafness, tinnitus, aphasia, goiter, parotitis, tonsillis SI17
What SI point benifits the ear to treat all disorders of the ear SI19
What are the points in line with ear? SI19, GB2, SJ21
What SI point on the face is used for wind in the face and is CI in moxa? SI18
Created by: cawalte3