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World History

India's land is often called this subcontinent
One of the early Indus River Valley cities Harappa
Group that entered India from the northwest and brought the caste system Aryans
Aryan priests and the top of the caste system Brahman
The lowest group of the caste system untouchables
The strong winds blow in from the Indian Ocean and bring India rain and dry air monsoons
The Aryan holy book Vedas
Northwestern mountain range Hindu Kush
Northeastern Mountain range Himalayas
a fort citidel
Religion created by Siddartha Gautama Buddhism
The Four ________ Truths in Buddhism Noble
The Eightfold ________ in Buddhism Path
The first empire of India Mauryan
The cycle of dying and being reborn reincarnation
In Buddhism, after you become enlightened, you can reach this place Nirvana
Mahmud led these people into India Muslims
The Indian Golden Age was seen under this empire Gupta
A Muslim ruler Sultan
In mathematics, India is known for the creation of this Zero
The practice of wives sacrificing themselves on their husband's funeral fire suttee
Built by Shah Jahan for his wife Taj Mahal
European nation that took control of most of India by 1800 England
Plateau region in the south of India Deccan
Important northeastern river in India Ganges
Most popular religion in India today Hinduism
Hinduism - monotheistic or polytheistic? polytheistic
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