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Freshman Focus

anesthesiologist a specialist who gives patients drugs to numb pain
cardiovascular of the heart and vessels
diagnostic determines the causes of a particular health problem
dietitian a health professional that plans your meals
EMT emergency medial technician
hygienist dental assistant whose main function is the scaling of tooth surfaces
laboratory place where test and experiments are done
medical transcriptionist types medical records
nuclear medicine uses radioactive materials either to image a patients body or to destroy diseased cells
oncology study of cancer
ophthalmic pertaining to the eye
paramedic EMT with advanced training
pathologist specialist in the study of disease
podiatrist a specialist in care for the feet
practitioner a person who practices in a profession such as medicine
radiologist medical specialist in the use of x rays
rehabilitation restoration to good health or good condition
respiratory having to do with breathing
sonography ultra sound imaging
technologist a person who use scientific knowledge to solve practical problems
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