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Staff Match ?s

1. The Bosporus Strait connects two bodies of water. One is the Sea of Marmara. Name the other.
2. Full name, please! He ran three times unsuccessfully for U.S. president, served as Wilson’s Secretary of State, and founded the newspaper THE COMMONER in 1901. Name him.
3. What is the first and last name of the author who wrote the novel THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO?
4. Trampas was eventually killed in a gun duel and the hero married Molly Wood, a New England schoolteacher whom he rescued. Give the title of the western novel by Owen Wister.
5. How many square units are in the area of a triangle if the vertices have coordinates (2,2), (7,2), and (7,8)?
6. What is the term used in architecture that designates a horizontal beam that is supported at only one end and anchored to a wall or pier?
7. What is the degree of the following 4 term polynomial: UX minus U cubed X cubed plus UX cubed minus U squared?
8. Identify at least two of the four countries that border Thailand.
9. What is the name of the long novel in seven parts, written by Marcel Proust, in which the narrator is “in search of lost time”?
10. What is the area of a sector of a circle of radius 6 centimeters if the measure of its arc is 90 degrees?
11. Whistler’s Mother is the common name of the portrait by James Whistler. What is the formal name of this famous painting?
12. What was the name of the son of Apollo who drove the sun God’s chariot out of control, and was eventually killed by Zeus’ thunderbolt?
13. It can’t be smaller than 1.68 inches in diameter and can’t be heavier than 1.62 ounces. These are the dimensions of a golf ball. How many dimples are on a golf ball, within 20?
14. What body of water connects the Sea of Marmara with the Aegean Sea?
15. What is the difference between the squares of 72 and 71?
16. Two Shakespearean characters received kisses from their killers just before they were killed. Name either of these two characters.
17. This question requires first and last names. Identify the two men who debated the issue of slavery in the hotly contested 1858 Illinois senatorial race.
18. Identify the Dutch-Jewish philosopher and theologian whose major works include TRACTATUS THEOLOGICO POLITICUS. His work in optics and Cartesian philosophy made him unpopular.
19. What is the term that refers to sound-carrying substances needed for the transfer of the sound wave?
20. Marshall Holman, Earl Anthony, Mark Roth, and Amleto Monacelli are names of people who have been player of the year in what professional sport?
21. What is the term for the Calvinist doctrine that through God’s decree certain persons (the elect) are to be saved?
22. This question requires a full name. What American president won a Pulitzer Prize for his work in PROFILES IN COURAGE?
23. Identify the Oakland Athletics first baseman who currently owns the greatest homerun to at-bat ratio in major league baseball history.
24. This question requires a full name answer. Who penned the line, “Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker”?
25. Identify the following planet. The bulk of this planet is hot, liquid hydrogen. It completes one rotation in 9 hours and 55 minutes. It has one faint ring. Name this planet.
26. What historical tragedy by Shakespeare may be considered as a continuation of the play JULIUS CAESAR?
27. Identify the former member of the Beatles who was shot and killed on December 8, 1980. He was married to Yoko Ono.
28. If two 100 ohm resistors are placed parallel in a circuit, what is the circuit’s equivalent resistance in ohms?
29. Calculate the average acceleration in kilometers per hour per second for a car that goes from zero kilometers per hour to 60 kilometers per hour in 15 seconds?
30. In 1975, North Vietnam captured what city in South Vietnam?
31. What are the tree family names of subatomic particles?
32. MISS SAIGON was a very popular Broadway musical written by Alain Boublil and Michel Schonberg. It was loosely based on what opera by Puccini?
33. Give both the full pseudonym and the full name of the 19th century English novelist who wrote MIDDLEMARCH, ADAM BEDE and SILAS MARNER.
34. Identify the period in English history that witnessed a relaxation of Victorian conservatism and questioned authority and accepted social values.
35. What is the popular name of the AM General LLC – HIGH PERFORMANCE WHEELED VEHICLE that was originally a military vehicle, but is now popular on the streets?
36. What Soviet premier denounced the crimes of Stalin at the Twentieth Party Congress in 1956, and launched the “de-Stalinization” process in Soviet society?
37. Give the first and last names of the best-selling author of the book HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE. He also gave lectures and offered courses in effective speaking.
38. Who was the only college football plager to win two Heisman trophies during his career?
39. Give the state and the team name of the 2003 baseball World Series winner.
40. The lightness and darkness of colors is referred to as value. What is the brightness and dullness of colors called?
1. Three individuals have won the Indianapolis 500 a record four times. Name at least two of them.
2. Find k in the equation k x squared + 3x + 15 = 0 if the product of the roots of the equation is 3.
3. One of the two elements contained in pyrite is sulphur. What is the other element contained in this mineral?
4. The American victory at the end of the Battle of New Orleans occurred at the end of what war?
5. Identify the 20th century Hungarian-born English author who based his novel DARKNESS AT NOON on his personal experience in a Spanish death cell.
6. Name and number please. What Turkish Sultan ended the Byzantine Empire by taking Constantinople in 1453?
7. A matrix has its first row as -2, x at its second row as y, 4. What must be the relationship between x and y so that this matrix does not have an inverse?
8. What name is given to a European language that is greatly influenced by African language? In 19th century America, slaves used this language, mixing African with English.
9. Give the title of the poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson that begins: “Sunset and evening star, and one clear call for me...” The poem uses a metaphor for death.
10. Identify the Swiss psychologist who studied the development of intelligence in children and wrote THE LANGUAGE AND THOGUHT OF THE CHOLD in 1926.
11. Identify at least one of the tree psychologists responsible for the birth of Gestalt Psychology.
12. Identify the James A. Michener work that won the 1948 Pulitzer Prize in fiction. It’s a collection of eighteen stories that focus on Michener’s World War II experiences.
13. Living around the Kalahari Desert, these South African people are related to the pygmies. Identify these nomadic hunters.
14. Identify the base 5 representation of 126.
15. What type of geologic fault forms when the hanging wall moves down with respect to the foot wall?
16. It is 2 A.M. at Greenwich, England. What time is it at a longitude of 46 degrees east?
17. Identify the term in yachting for the technique of sailing the boat into the wind by making a series of zigzags.
18. In which Shakespeare play does Lysander say to Hermia, “The course of true love never did never run smooth”? Characters in this play include Hippolyta and Puck.
19. Resistance is the ability of a material to resist the flow of charge when subjected to a potential difference. What Greek letter represents the unit of resistance.
20. Name the American artist who painted a memorable picture of a lone black man on a disabled sloop surrounded by a circling sharks with the sails of a large ship on the far horizon.
21. Name the American cartoonist who popularized the donkey and elephant as symbols of the Democrat and Republican political parties.
22. Mach I indicates an object travelling at the speed of sound. If the Mach number of an object is greater than one (1), what term do you use to designate the speed.
23. What is the name for agreements outlawed by the Norris-LaGuardia Act signed by workers in which they promised not to join a union?
24. A concave lens never focuses the light, so it can never form a real image. What type of image is formed by this lens?
25. What film, based on a novel by James Fenimore Cooper, stars Daniel Day-Lewis as Hawkeye, an Indian-raised frontiersman, and Madeline Stowe as a British officer’s daughter?
26. Name the Greek mathematician who found formulas for the area of a circle, area of a parabolic segment, area of an ellipse and the volume and surface area of a cone.
27. A sculpture of the upper part of a person usually including the head and shoulder is called a...
28. This question requires a multiple answer. Two months of the year are named for Roman emperors. Name both the months and the emperors.
29. What military code name was given to a herbicide containing highly toxic dioxin used in Vietnam? In 1989,chemical companies began making payments to victims affected by this.
30. Name this Renaissance genius who sketched every phenomenon of life including waves and human muscles in an effort to expose underlying principles in outward painted form.
31. What Shakespearean comedy is based on a story from Boccaccio’s DECAMERON?
32. Identify the American army surgeon who, in 1900, discovered mosquitoes were the source of yellow fever and helped eradicate it. An army hospital is named for him.
33. What is the probability that at least two of three randomly selected people are born on the same day of the week?
34. Most of it lies north of the Artic Circle off the northeast coast of North America. It the world’s largest island. Name it.
35. Give the name of the official spiritual and administrative center of the Roman Catholic Church, the world’s smallest independent state, located in Rome, Italy.
36. Literally, in Hebrew, it means “head of the year.” What is the name given to the Jewish new year?
37. Name the most populous country in Central America. It is the second most northern country in Central America.
38. Identify the novel by William Faulkner in which the son of a West Virginia poor white, Thomas Sutpen, attempts to become accepted as a member of the Southern aristocracy.
39. What is the range of the function f of x equals x squared minus 2x plus 1?
40. Identify the author who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1948. His poems include “The Love Song” of J. Alfred Prufrock and “The Wasteland”.
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