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Immunohematology Study of blood related antigens and antibodies
Hemagglutination Clumping of RBC,s used to visualize antigen/antibody reactions
Immunoglobulin Protein found in the blood or bodily fluid that identify and neutralize foreign objects
Heterozygous two different allels for a single trait on a chromasome
Hypo gammaglobulinemia Decreased production of gamma globulins in the plasma
cold hemagglutinin disease Autoimmune disease with high concentration of antibodies that react at temps below body temp
Alloantibody Antibody directed at antigens not present on individuals RBC's
Idiopathic No known cause
Incompatible No agglutination or hemolysis in a compatibility test
Diastolic pressure The second sound heard when taking a blood pressure
Plasmapheresis Seperation of blood where plasma is retained and remaining components are returned to donor
Cryoprecipitate Concentrated coagulation factor VIII and fibrinogen extracted from fresh frozen plasma
Platelet-rich plasma Plasma prepared from whole blood with a light spin and platelets are retained
Fractionation Dividing whole blood into plasma,WBC's,RBC's and platelets
Anaphylactic An intense allergic reaction
Hemoglobinemia Presence of hemoglobin in the serum or plasma
Sepsis Bacterial infection in the circulatory system
Urticaria Hives
Molecular diagnosis Test for nucleic acid targets found in medicine
Compatibility test Mixing of donor RBC's and recipient's serum to determine a reaction
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