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Family AQA

Family Module 10 A and B

Je m'entends bien/ mal avec..... I get on well/ badly with...
On s'entend bien/ mal We get on well/ badly.
Il/elle me critique trop/peu He/she criticises me too much/ a bit
Il/ elle est sympa/ ouvert(e)/ strict(e) He/She is nice/ open/ strict
s'enerver to lose one's temper
decontracte relaxed
se disputer to argue
Quant a As for....
Mes parents/ les bons parents ne m'accusent pas tout de suite my parents/ good parents don't accuse me straight away
Ils (ne) sont (pas) raisonnables/ sympas/ ouverts/ They are (not) reasonable/nice/ open
Ils (n') ecoutent (pas) et (ne) restent (pas) calmes et logiques They (don't) listen to me nor remain calms and logical
en ce qui concerne mes parents/copains, Ils acceptent mes decisions As far as my parents and friends are concerned, they accept my decisions.
Ils respectent l'independance des enfants They respect the independence of children
Ils s'enervent/ se disputant/ critiquent tous le temps They get angry/ argue/ criticise all the time
Quand je serai parent, je ne serais pas trop stricte et je n'accuserais jamais sans ecouter leurs opinions When I am a parent, I would never be too strict and I would never accuse them without listening to their opinions.
J'essaerais etre sympa/ ouvert(e)/ decontracte I will try to be nice/ open/ relaxed
J'encouragerais mes enfants... a respecter les autres/ comprendre la vie I would encourage my children to respect others and understand life.
Created by: Mrs. Agnew