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Word Project 5/6

templates and mail merge

A ______ is a form with prewritten text. template
Pressing the ______ key at the end of a row has the same function as clicking the New Entry button. TAB
A ________________ is an object that contains instructions for filling in text and graphics. content control
Word uses ________________ to indicate where text can be typed. placeholder text
Pressing SHIFT + ENTER advances the insertion point to the beginning of the next physical line and is known as a _________________. line break
The single file Web page format saves all of the components of the Web page in a single file that has a ________________ extension. .mht
A Word document has a _____ file extension. .docx
A ________________ contains the constant, or unchanging, text, punctuation, spaces, and graphics. main document
Each row in a data source is called a ________________. record
Each column in a data source is called a(n) ______________. data field
One way to print the contents of the data source is to merge all the data records in the data source into a single document called a(n) ____. directory
Merge field characters are ________________ that mark the beginning and ending of a merge field. chevrons
A(n) ______ is a coordinated combination of a color scheme, font set, and effects, document theme
A(n) ______ is a predefined style that appears in the Styles gallery on the Ribbon. quick style
________ is the process of combining the contents of a data source with a main document. merging
Created by: julieoelschlager