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computer vocabulary

vocabulary words for ITE 100 course

peripheral device Hardware used for input, output, connectivity, or storage that you plug in or connect to your computer wirelessly
motherboard The main circuit board in a computer
ports Are the connectors located at the back of a desktop PC or at the sides, back, and sometimes the front of a notebook or other mobile device
universal serial bus Port used to connect an external device such as keyboard, mouse, or printer to your device
interactive whiteboard Displays the computer's output on a large whiteboard.Special pens are used to annotate on the whiteboard while the image is displayed, making it easier for the presenter to make notes or draw attention to objects on the display
bluetooth headset Is paired with a smartphone to enable the user to hear a conversation when making and receiving voice calls.
Plotters Blueprints and technical drawings are often produced on plotters. A plotter moves on one or more pens across the surface of the paper to produce the drawing
network adapter Is the interface between your computer and the networking equipment such as the modem or router that provides the pathway for data to travel to or from the network
protocols The set of rules that define how data is exchanged between two devices
hard drive Is usually the largest storage device on a standard PC
solid-state drive Uses flash memory, a chip based technology where data is stored electronically on a chip instead of magnetically like a traditional hard drive
USB flash drive A portable storage device that contains flash memory inside the case
binary system The digital data temporarily stored in the RAM, processed by the CPU and eventually saved to permanent storage when you save the document is stored using the binary system. Only two possible values exist in the binary system 0 and 1
bit The smallest unit for digital data in the binary system is a bit.
byte Each group of eight bits is called a byte and represents one character
thermal printers Produce output by heating coated paper as the paper passes over the print head.
inkjet printer Most common printer, these printers form text and images on the page by spraying drops of ink from one or more ink cartridges that move back and forth across the page
liquid crystal displays Newer modals for desktops are typically LCD, which is a flat panel technology and are popular because they do not flicker or glare
light emitting diode The most expensive screens and most often used for television. LED screens consume less energy and plasma providing truer color representation
touchpad Is located below the keyboard. This rectangular surface is used in place of a mouse to move the pointer on the screen and manipulate objects
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