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PMP Chapter 5

Two documents generated in the course of developing a project are key inputs to creating the project scope statement. (BLANK) is the preliminary work and the details are in the (BLANK). The charter and the scope management plan.
What are the four inputs for the scope statement? 1. Scope management plan 2. Charter 3. Requirements documentation 4. Organizational process assests
A preset project deadline is an example of a project (BLANK). A constraint
The lowest level in the WBS is (BLANK) A work package
Iterations of planning throughout the project life cycle is known as (BLANK) Rolling wave planning
The numbering system recommended for the WBS and used by the PMBOK is called what? Code of accounts
The 3 components of the Scope Baseline are what? Scope Statement, WBS and the WBS dictionary
(BLANK) is the process of the project customer accepting the project deliverables. Scope Validation
Name a "Tool & Technique" for Validating Scope. Inspection or Group Decision Making
Undocumented changes to lead to what? Scope creep
The project scope management plan defines how changes to project scope will be managed an controlled and is an output of the (BLANK) Scope Management Plan
True or False - Defect Repair Review doesn't require a change request. True - While defect repair might the review of the repair would not.
True or False - Changes that ALL parties agree to, do not need to be included in the formal change control system. False - All changes need to be documented and vetted through the change control system.
What are the 5 outputs for 5.6 Control Scope? 1. Work performance info 2. Change requests 3. Project Management Plan Updates 4. Project Documents Updates 5. Organizational Process Assets Updates
Changes to project scope typically come in 4 varieties. Name them. 1. Value Added Changes 2. External Events 3. Errors or Omissions 4. Risk Response
There are 4 change control systems. Name them. Cost, Schedule, Scope & Contract
(BLANK) includes both the product description and documents the entire scope. It also defines projects deliverables and the work required to create them. Project Scope Statement
True or False - The Project Scope Statement assists with scope protection by defining if change is within or outside of a project. True
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