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Luke Chapter 12

In Luke chapter 12, who had gathered to hear Jesus? 12:1 A crowd of thousands
In Luke chapter 12, what is the yeast of the Pharisees? 12:1 Hypocrisy
Luke 12 tells us not to be afraid of ____________. 12:4 Those who can kill the body
In Luke chapter 12, what is numbered on you? 12:7 The hairs of your head
Luke 12:7 states the following: "Don't be _______; you are worth more than many ______." 12:7 afraid ---- sparrows
Luke 12 states that anyone who _________ will not be forgiven. 12:10 blasphemes against the Holy Spirit
In defending yourself, who will teach you what you should say? 12:2 Holy Spirit
Luke 12 tells us to be on guard against _________ 12:15 all kinds of greed
What does a man's life not consist of as stated in Luke 12? 12:15 abundance of possessions
In the parable of the rich fool, what did the rich man do to store his good crops? 12:20 Tore down his barns and built bigger ones
in the parable of the rich fool, what happened to the rich man? 12:20 He died
In Luke 12, Jesus told his disciples not to worry about what two things for the life and body? 12:22 What they would eat and what they would wear
In chapter 12, what is said not to add an hour to your life? 12:25 Worry
In Luke 12:31, it states the following, "But _____ his _____, and these things will be given to you as well." 12:31 Seek ---- kingdom
Finish this quote from Jesus, "For where you treasure is...." 12:34 "....there your heart will be also."
In Luke 12, when will the Son of Man come? 12:40 At an hour you do not expect him
In the parable of the servants at the wedding banquet, who does the master represent? 12:40 Jesus
What will happen to the servant who knows his master's will and does not do it? 12:47 He is beaten with many blows
In Luke 12, what will be the punishment for the servant who does not know and does the wrong thing? 12:48 Beaten with many blows
In Luke 12, Jesus did not come to bring what on earth? 12:51 Peace
What does Jesus call those who interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky but can't interpret the present time in Luke chapter 12? 12:56 Hypocrites
Created by: teamsouthgate