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Basic Computer Parts

Basic Computer Parts- Huggins

Number system that uses only two values (0,1) to represent codes and data. Binary System
A CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc. Optical disc
Hardware used for input, output, connectivity, or storage that you plug in or connect to your computer wirelessly such as a USB storage medium or printer. Peripheral device
One billion cycles per second. How clock speed is measured. Gigahertz (GHz)
A chip located on all motherboards that contains instructions and setup for how your system should boot and how it operates. BIOS (Basic Input Output System)
A port used to connect an external device such as a keyboard, mouse, printer, smartphone, or external storage media. Universal Serial Bus (USB) port
A type of barcode that looks like a matrix of black square dots. QR (Quick Response) codes
Scans an embedded RFID tag to identify an object. Radio Frequency Identification readers (RFID)
Is used when a computer's output needs to be projected on a large screen when making presentations to groups. Video display projector (VDP)
Produce output by heating coated paper as the paper passes over the print head. Thermal printers
Another name for Wi-Fi which is the name of the standard developed to facilitate wireless communication among several hardware providers. 802.11Protocol
An external wireless adapter or USB mobile broadband stick. USB dongle
Provides truer color representation; such as, on TV's. Plasma
Does not use backlighting like LCDs do, making them far more energy efficient for any device that runs off batteries power. Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED)
Picture elements that make up the image shown on the display screen. Pixels
Involves having multiple microprocessor chips, or a multi-core processor. Parallel Processing
Wires that allow data to travel between the components on the motherboard to the CPU and memory. Data buses
Electronic devices that present information from a computer visually Video displays
Blueprints and technical drawings are often produced on these by moving one or more pens across the surface of the paper to produce the drawing. Plotters
A flat-panel technology in various sizes upward from 20 inches. Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD)?
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