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Quiz Bowl-Geography

Geography (physical features) questions to study for HS Quiz Bowl

Name of the Hoover Dam from 1935 to 1947 Boulder Dam
Going from Morocco to Tunisia - North African mountain range Atlas Mountains
Asian mountain range that hosts Mount Everest, and five other of the 14 highest peaks in the world. Himalayas
World's largest glacier (non-Polar regions) Note: Indo-Pak border Siachen
Name of the artificial lake created in 1935 by the operation of the Hoover Dam. Lake Mead
World's smallest continent Australia
1883 volcano whose explosion put so much dust into the earth's atmosphere that the sunsets appeared green and the moon appeared blue around the world for almost 2 years. Krakatoa
World's Largest River (NOT the longest - that is the Nile) Amazon
World's Largest Continent Asia
World's Largest Desert The Sahara
World's Largest Sea South China Sea
World's Driest Desert Atacama Desert (Chile)
World's Largest Ocean Pacific
World's Highest Waterfall (Venezuela) Salto Angel
Deepest Part of the Ocean Mariana Trench (in the Pacific)
World's Largest Gulf Gulf of Mexico
World's Largest Bay Hudson Bay
South America's highest mountain range the Andes
River from Valdia Plateau (Moscow) to Caspian Sea Volga
Which two oceans do the Panama Canal link? Atlantic/Pacific
River from Tibetan Plateu into China Sea Yangtze-Kiang
River Seine flows through what city? Paris
The only "true" on on the U.S. Atlantic coast is Somes Sound (Maine), the longest one in the world is Greenland's Scoresby Sund, the deepest one is found in Skelton Inlet in Antarctica (give term) fjord
World's lowest river, arises from 3 springs near Mount Harmon; major tributaries include the Yarmouk and Jabbok Jordan River
Location of the Atacama Desert Chile
Lowest freshwater lake in the world, largest in Israel Sea of Galilee
Longest river in Asia (3rd in world) Chang Jiang
Created by: NerdvanaGirl