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PMP Chapter 4

All change requests must be documented and pass through a (BLANK) CCS or Change Control System
A condition, rule or procedure that restricts a project manager's options is a (BLANK). Constraint
(BLANK) is documentation of a how a project will be planned, executed, monitored and controlled and then closed. Project Management Plan
What are the four inputs to the Project Management Plan? - Project Charter - Outputs from the other project management processes - Enterprise Environmental Factors - Organizational Process Assests
Inspecting work that has been corrected after an initial failed effort is known as (BLANK) Defect Repair Review
The formal verification of the contract completeness by the vendor and the performing organization is known as (BLANK) Contract Closure
The Project Management Plan provides what three project baselines? Scope, Schedule and Cost
A project manager is responsible for ensuring that there is a (BLANK) for a change, prior to submission into the integrated control system. Need. Without evidence and detailed need for a change no submission should occur.
The Change Management Plan is included in the (BLANK) and documents how changes will be monitored and controlled. Project Management Plan
A subsystem of the overall project management, the (BLANK) manages how changes are submitted reviewed and tracked. It also focuses documenting the physical characteristics and changes to those characteristics. Configuration Management System
True or False - A program manager directs the project work if a project falls within their program. False - In a program, the program manager assigns the project manager authority to direct program work.
(BLANK) serves as part of organizational process assets and provides historical information for future projects. Lessons Learned Documentation
(BLANK) is the process of measuring the performance of a project against what was planned. EVM or Earned Value Management
True or False - Risk responses are included in the project charter. False - While high level risks maybe included the responses to those risks are NOT included in the project charter
There are two primary approaches used by an organization to decide which projects to pursue. What are they? Mathematical Model or Benefits/Comparison Model
The Project Statement of Work or SOW is formed in the Project Charter. The SOW must include 3 items. What are they? 1. Business Need 2. Product Scope Description 3. Strategic Plan
What is the formula for Present Value? PV = FV/(1+i)^n
What is the formula for Future Value? FV = PV(1+i)^n
When change enters a project what two documents must be updated? The scope baseline and the change log
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