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Stack #183128

Formulas - misc. questions

What is difference between chuan bei mu & zhi bei mu? chuan bei mu for more chronic conditions, moistens. zhi bei mu for more acute conditions, clears heat
What are substitutes for ying su ke (opium husk)? wu wei zi, wu mei, wu bei zi
What 3 herbs together treat any HA d/t wind? chuan xiong, bai zhi & qiang hou
What herb can dilate coronary arteries? chuan xiong
What herbs treat cardiovascular disease? shan zha, dan shen
What herbs raise blood pressure? chai hu, zhi shi, qing pi
What is ji zi huang? egg yolk
Which herb treats jueyin (vertex) HA? chuan xiong
What herb treats yangming (frontal) HA? bai zhi
What herb treats taiyang HA? qiang huo
What herb treats shaoyin (eyes to jaw) HA? xi xin
What is classic formula to 'float the boat'? Zang Ye Tang (increase the fluids decoction)
Which is classic formula for Bai Hou (diptheria)? Qing Zao Jiu Fei Tang (eliminate dryness & rescue the lungs decoction)
What formula is most common to treat HA d/t wind? Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao San (ligusticum chuanxiong powder to be taken w/green tea)
Comon Formula to treat Bi Yuan (sinusitis)? Cang Er Zi San (xanthium powder)
Classic formula to tonify MJ qi? Si Jun Zi Tang
Formula which treats fever d/t Qi deficiency? Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang
Which is 'sage' herb for wheezing d/t deficiency? ge jie
Basic tonic for blood deficiency, regulates menstruation? Si Wu Tang
Formula for fever d/t blood deficiency? Dang Gui Bu Xue Tang (tangkuei decoction to tonify the blood)
Classic formula to treat KI diarrhea (cocks crow)? Si Shen Wan (4-miracle pill)
Classic formula for Yang jaundice? Yin Chen Hao Tang
Classic formula for damp-heat in LJ (Lin Syndrome)? Ba Zheng San (8-herb powder for recticication)
Typical formula for pi shui (skin edema)? Wu Pi San (5-peel powder)
Which is basic formula to treat wind-damp-cold Bi Syndrome? Juan Bi Tang (remove painful obstruction decoction)
Which herb is commonly combined with fu zi to warm & stimulate KI yang and disseminate it throughout body? gan jiang
Clasic formula for treating Yin ju (yin sores)? Yang He Tang (yang heartening decoction)
What is focus of 'warm interior cold' formulas? warming, not tonifying the yang
Formula to rescue devastated yang (shaoyin disease)? Si Ni Tang (frigid extremities powder)
Classic formula to treat Dian Kuang (manic behavior)? Sheng Tie Luo Yin (iron fillings decoction)
What is action of Suan Zao Ren Tang (sour jujube decoction)? nourish blood and calm spirit, clear heat and ease irritability
Classic formula which tonifies qi to generate blood? Dang Gui Bu Xue Tang (tangkuei decoction to tonify the blood)
Most common formula to treat Qi & blood deficiency? Ba Zhen Tang (8-treasure decoction)
Ba Zhen Tang is 2 formulas combined - what are they? Si Jun Zi Tang & Si Wu Tang
What is indication for Tai Shan Pan Shi San (powder that gives the stability of mount tai)? threatened miscarriage d/t qi & blood xu
Formula which tonifies KI yin and treats child's 5 delays? Liu Wei Di Huang Wan
What formula treats menopause causing hypertension? Er Xian Tang (2-immortal decoction)
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