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Word 3 Tables/Letter

business letters, word

To center text horizontally and vertically, you should ________. align center
A _______ is a section of a letter that identifies an organization or individual. letterhead
CC stands for ____. carbon copy
A _______- is a special space character that prevents two words from splitting if the first word falls at the end of a line. nonbreaking space
A ______ is a collection of rows and columns. table
After the date, you want to press enter ___ times before the inside address. 4
The _________ is who the letter is written to. inside address
A location on the horizontal ruler that tells Word where to position the insertion point when you press the TAB key is called a ____. tab stop
___ are reusable content such as text, graphics, and objects that are found under Quick Parts. building block
A solid line at the edge of a paragraph is called a(n) ____________. border
The term, clear formatting, refers to returning the formatting to the __________ style. normal
Which tab in Word do you use to find the Create Table option? Insert
After the inside address, you want to press enter ___ times before the salutation. 2
To ___ cells is to combine two or more cells into one. merge
What option do you select under Table Styles to have every other row shaded? banded rows
What command changes paragraphs of text into a table? Convert Text to Table
What command does Word use to arrange data in alphabetical, numerical, or chronological order? sort
____________ letter formatting is all left aligned text, without indented or tabbed text. block
What button must be used to enter a calculation into a table? formula
Built in preformatted tables that can be inserted and used in your documents is called: Quick Tables
The first row of a table is formatted differently than the rest of the table and contains information to identify the data in the column is called a: header row
What is the term for predefined document formatting options that include colors, font, and effects? themes
The term for a text or graphic displayed lightly behind document text. watermark
When beginning to type a letter, which style should you select to ensure proper spacing? No apacing
Created by: julieoelschlager