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The Crucible


Predilection fondness
innate natural
antagonistic aggressive
theocracy government dominated by religion
abominations scandals
vindictive spiteful
calumny slander
arbitrate judge
diametrically completely
parishioners members of a church community
defiled spoiled
differentiation separation
manifestation a sign
dissembling speaking or acting hypocritically
deference respect
contention argument
covenanted a person who has formally pledged to uphold the laws of a religion
contiguous neighboring
inculcation repetition for the purpose of making others accept an idea
heathen any non-Christian person
ingratiating obsequious
junta military rule
repression oppression
conjured made up
providence fate
trepidation fear
notorious disreputable
iniquity wickedness
scourge plague
citadel stronghold, fortress
ideology philosophy
paradox contradiction
injunctions restriction
faction group
demonic devilish
subservient submissive
prodigious extraordinary
defamation insult
Dionysiac uninhibited
vestry a committee elected by the members of a congregation to manage the worldly affairs of the church
pretense make-believe
plaintiff petitioner
guile craftiness
daft mad
revelation disclosure
effrontery nerve
auger a tool for boring holes in wood
contentious controversial
undermine weaken
ipso facto by the fact itself
harlot prostitute
deposition statement
testament evidence
probity goodness
lecher a man given to excessive sexual indulgence
gibbet gallows
prevail triumph
excommunication being cut out of membership to and fellowship with the church
disputation debate
beguile charm
sibilance a hiss
adamant stubborn
indictment formal accusation
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