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VA parasitology

zoonosis transferable from animals to humans
name two types of parasites endoparasites, and ectoparacites
is an endoparasite an infection or infestation infection
is an ectoparasite an infection or infestation infestation
what is an infestation of lice called pediculosis
a nematoid is a __________ roundworm
name 4 nematodes hookworm, whipworm, heartworms & toxacara
cestode is also a_________ tapeworm
tremotode is also a _________ fluke
what is a protazoa single cell organisim
name two protazoas giardia, coccidia
what is the difference between a endoparasite and an ectoparasite endoparasite is inside the body and an ectoparasite is outside the body
name four different classes of endoparasites nematodes, cestodes, trematodes & protazoa
which nematode is transmitted by mosquito heartworm
what disease does a tick pass on lyme disease and babesia
a demodex is a mite where would you find it in the hair follicle. it chews on the hair and that is why there is hair loss
what is cheyletiella walking dandruff
where would you find otdectes lives in the ears and looks like brown black crusties on the ears
what does an otdectes look like with an otoscope they look white
name four types of mites (hint DOCS) demodex, otdectes, cheyletiella, sarcoptes
how could you check for mites tape test
is a flea laterally or dorsally pressed laterally
is a tic laterally or dorsally pressed dorsally
what is dirofilaria immitis adult heart worm
which nematode is bipolar whipworm
define pathogenic capable of causing diseae
what is the difference between pine pollen and trichereas pulpus pine pollen is not pathogenic
what is paracitology the study of parasites
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