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PS Chap 6 Filters

RGB More filter effects are available for the color mode
Color Panel A convenient way to select and edit colors is to use this panel which displays numeric color values for foreground/background colors
Paint Bucket Tool Fills adjacent, similar pixels with color.
Lighting Effect A kind of filter that applies light to a layer or selection.
Lighting styles The number of light sources in the lighting effect, and their individual color, intensity, direction, and focus.
Light type Specifies the direction and distance of the perceived light.
filters Most common way to create special effects in PS
CMYK four-color process which provides bright color shades and an eye-catching look
Ambience Diffuses the light as if it were combined with another light in a room, such as sunlight
Puppet Warp Provides a visual mesh that allows you to distort or fix specific images areas, while leaving other areas intact.
Visual pins Points at which to apply the transformation; offers more fine tuning
Filter gallery Lets you apply filters cumulatively and apply individual filters more than once for a more intense effect.
Texture filters Graphic artists use these filters to add a 3D effect or to apply a segmented style to photos.
Stained Glass The Stained Glass filter is under this filter category.
Artistic The Plastic Wrap is under this filter category.
Created by: youngpjy