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Midsummer Night's


casement portion of a window that can be opened and closed
loam mixture of clay, sand, and straw
rough-cast mixture of lime and gravel
auditor an audience member
odious revolting; horrible
by and by soon
brisky lively
juvenile youth
fair handsome
knavery trickery
enamored captivated; charmed
enthralled spellbound; enchanted
rate rank
gambol frolic
tapers candles
consecrated blessed
patches fools
mechanicals workers
nole (noll) head
mimic an actor or actress who imitates others for amusement, especially as a mime
fowler bird hunter
apparel clothes
yielders timid people
antipodes region on the opposite side of the earth
worm serpent
ensue to follow
befall to occur
derision ridicule
congealed frozen
bequeath to give away or hand down, especially by will or testament
sojourn to live in a place as a temporary resident
disparage to mock; to belittle
recompense compensation
engild to brighten as though by gilding (decorating an item with gold leaf)
confederacy a group of people united to commit an unlawful act; a conspiracy
bait to torment
incorporate as one
nymph fate
tender to offer
grace favor
persevere to persist
chronicled recorded in history
compel to drive or urge with force
puppet an imitation
personage physical appearance
shrewishness sharp-tongued quality
vixen an ill-tempered woman
flout to insult
officious meddlesome
jole (jowl) cheek
fray a fight
recreant a coward; a disloyal person
abate to decrease; to decline
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