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Dogs Could Teach Me

Review questions for "The Dogs Could Teach Me" short story by Gary Paulsen

Who is the author of this story? Gary Paulsen
In which genre of literature does this story belong? Non Fiction - Autobiography
This story is an excerpt from the famous longer work entitled Woodsong
What is the setting of the story? 20th Century Alaska
What adjectives would adequately summarize and describe the weather conditions at the beginning of the story? way-below-freezing, bitter cold
The discovery of Columbia's sense of humor causes the author to stop trapping and killing animals.
What did Columbia DO that showed he had a sense of humor? He teased another high-strung, pugnacious dog by purposefully and strategically placing a bone just millimeters out of its reach and watched it go "crazy" trying to reach the bone.
What are the names of the dogs in the author's mushing team? Columbia, Olaf, Obeah, and Duberry
The author keeps his trap line because he wants to keep running with the dogs and learning from them.
When the author falls out of the sled and is unable to walk, he expects the dogs to keep going and leave him behind.
When the dogs come back to where he has fallen, he is surprised and pleased.
What lesson does the author learn from his dogs' behavior after his accident? They have knowledge that humans have lost.
What is an accurate definition of POINT of VIEW? Point of View is the vantage point from which a story is told.
What is the author's POINT of VIEW regarding animals' abilities? He recognizes that animals are wise and have many of the same traits that humans have.
How does the author feel about his newly-acquired dogs? He loves them and sees them as unique individuals.
What are the three most common types of Point of View? 3rd person omniscient; 3rd person limited; 1st person.
"The Dogs Could Teach Me" is told from the point of view of the author, Gary Paulsen
Which type of point of view is this? 1st person. (This is an autobiography. We know what the author/protagonist is thinking and feeling, but we don't necessarily know what the other characters are thinking or feeling.)
What is an example of a sentence from the story that is evidence for this 1st person point of view? And I could not kill or trap any longer.
Vocabulary 1 - define mystified puzzled or bewildered
Vocabulary 2 - define alleviate relieve or reduce (as in pain)
Vocabulary 3 - define contention conflict; struggle
Vocabulary 4 - define exaltation feeling of great joy
Vocabulary 5 - define chagrin embarrassment and annoyance
Created by: English Rocks
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