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Lung Patterns

TCM acupuncture prescription

Cough Invasion Wind - Cold cough, slight breathlessness, sneezing, runny nose white discharge, aversion to cold, shivers, slightly raised tem, no sweating, body aches, stiff neck, hadache, pale urine, P;floating tight LU7, LI4, BL12, BL13,, KI7, LU, 6, reducing method, cupping is applicable on BL12, BL13
Cough Invasion Wind - Heat Dry cough with tickling sensation throat, aversion to cold, shivers, fever, sore throat, slight sweating, body aches, headaches, runny nose, yello dischare, sneezing, , slight dark urine, T: slight red, P: floating rapid LU7, LI4, BL12, BL13, LI11, LU11, Du14, LU6, All with ruducing method cupping is applicalbe to BL
Cough Invasion Wind Dryness dry cough ticklish cough, dry itchy sore shroat , sore sesation in upper ches, dry lips, dry mouth, stuffed nose, headache, cold aver/slight shivers, T: slight red P: floating LU7, LU9, Ren 12, KI6, Sp6, All reinforcing method except Lu7..LU7 is reduced
Cough Lung-Heat Barking cough, chest pain, breathlessness, fever, thirst, sweating, feeling of heat, restless, T:red with yellow coating LU5, LU1, DU14, LU6, LI11, Reducing method
Cough Lung Phlegm - Heat Barking cough with profuse sticky yellow sputum, fever, reslessness, feeling of heat, thirst, chest oppression , T: red with sticky yellow coating P: rapid and slippery LU5, LU1, Ren12, Ren9, ST40, SP6, LU6, DU14, LI11, SJ6, SP15 Reducing method except Ren12 is reinforced
Cough Lung Qi Deficiency LU9, BL13, BL43, Ren12, ST36, SP6, Reinforcing method moxa is applicable
Cough Lung Yin Deficiency LU9, LU10, Ren12, LU1, ST36, SP6, LU7, KI6, Reinforcing method except LU10 reduced. No moxa
Cough Lung Dryness LU9, LU10, LU1, ST36, SP6, LU7, KI6, Reinforcing method except for LU10 is reduced. No moxa
Bronchitis Wind Cold type LU7, LI4, BL13 Throat swelling and pain LU11 Fever and aversion to cold DU14, SJ5
Chronic bronchitis Rentention of Phlegm in the Lungs BL13, Ren12, LU5, ST36, ST40
Chronic bronchitis Rentention of Phlegm Heat in the Lungs LU5, LU10, ST40, BL13
Deficiency of Lung Yin BL13, LU1, LU7, KI6 coughing blood LU6, BL17
Asthma Wind Cold BL13, BL12, DU14, LU7, LI4
Asthma Heat Phlegm BL13, extra14 Dingchuan, Ren22, LU5, ST40,
Asthma Lung Deficiency BL13, LU9, ST36, SP3
Asthma Spleen Deficiency ST36, ST40, SP3, Ren12, BL20
Asthma Kidney Deficiency KI3, BL23, BL13, Ren17, Ren6 persistant asthma DU12, BL43
Hay Fever GB20, M-HN-3/Extra2 Yintang, LI4, ST36 supplementary points
Common Cold Wind Cold Fever up to 102F/38.9C, runny or stuffy nose, sore throat, coagh, sneezing, fatigue, muscle aches, headache, watery eyes DU16, BL12, GB20, LU7, LI4 Reducing method; even movement with moxibustion
Common Cold Wind Heat Fever up to 102F/38.9C, stuffy nose, nausea, * less chills and more fever, sweats, fatigue, muscle aches, cough, heache, *lose of appetite DU14, LI11, SJ5, LI4, LU10, LU11 Reducing
Summer Dampness Fever, slight aversion to wind, irritability, abesnce of sweating, heavy sensation in the head, stuffy ches, nausea, yellow, greasy tonge coating soft and rapid pulse DU14, PC6, BL40, LI11, DU20 Reducing methond moxa daily to BL12, ST36, to prevent common cold during it's prevalence
Created by: dntcello